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Join Our Team

This is now a time when I hope this project will continue to grow. Six years ago we started with a facebook page, a couple of years later we expanded to other social networks and with our own website.

Currently we are one of the 100 most important Christian music pages on the internet, according to a site called FeedSpot, and we are also the only digital magazine (so far as we know) that writes only articles related to artists of Classical Christian Rock (Obviously), which has led us to have about 2 million visits.

All that is good, but now we are facing a problem, and that is that we are not writing articles constantly, not as we should, because only two people are writing articles on this site, and we don't have enough time to write more.

For this reason, we are officially inviting people interested in being part of our team, with the objective of making this page grow even more, and to be a digital magazine of reference in the world of Christian rock, and to cover even more the scene of Christian artists who made Rock between the 60s and 90s.

If you want to join our staff...
Being a Christian(Obviously)
• Older than 25
• PC or laptop with Internet connection minimum 1MB.
• Knowing how to use social networks (facebook)
• Extensive knowledge by the Christian rock of the 70s 80s and 90s
• Excellent spelling (essential).
• Having time available for the area you want to support.

Please keep in mind:
1. Classic Christian Rock is a site non-profit, created with its own resources and self-sustaining.
2. We don't receive support from any company or church.
3. This is not a call for a paid work, it is a call for people who want to collaborate with this project, however it is an excellent experience for people who like journalism.
4. We're looking for volunteers who have a passion for writing about the artists under the label "Classic Christian Rock".
5. Remember that we have available areas that demand quality, dedication and attention to details.
6. You do not have to be an expert, but we are looking for people with experience and sufficient knowledge on the Internet, and obviusly, Christian Rock.
7. We do not like controversy, we are not looking for people who want criticize to Christians or secular artists.

If you agree with the above, continues to reading

Write at least 3 articles per month about:

News (No less than three paragraphs)
Recent news about any christian rock artist/band of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s
Announces of tours, albums, new members, etc

Album Reviews  (No less than five paragraphs)
 If you want to write an album review, you should know that always give a rating of 0 to 100.  Our way to evaluate is the same of "Angelic Warlord", visit this link to better understand about the rating. 

Concert Reviews (No less than four paragraphs)
Write an article about a concert that you have attended in any year, you must have pictures of the concert. 

History (No less than three paragraphs)
Exact dates, the articles on this category are published on the same date
  Example: October 24, 1986: Stryper released "To hell with the devil"
Published on October 24, 2016 (30 years ago)

CCR TV (Videos) (No less than two paragraphs)
 The video has to be on youtube and you have to write a comment about it.

Songs (No less than four paragraphs)
Write an article about one song

Life (No less than seven paragraphs)
The purpose of this section is to talk about any everyday problem in youth and adults, but with a biblical response to deal with any problem.

Images (No less than two paragraphs)

Any photograph of a band or artist, of which you have a comment or interesting fact to publicize

Here it is not written almost nothing, just a small introduction to a testimony of any artist or musician in the Christian rock. Actually, it is more a research paper

Interviews (No less than ten questions and two paragraphs of introduction)
An interview with any artist, producer or someone who has been in the Christian rock of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Do you agree with all of the above and are you interested in joining our team? 
Contact us at classicchristianrock@live.com

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