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Do you have a record label, music store, Christian ministry, or your own business and want to advertise on the Internet?
It is quite possible then that our webzine is the right place to advertise. Find out more about the statistics and the profile of our readers below.

Statistics of our site
    • Over 11,000 monthly unique visitors
    • Over 35,000 monthly page views.
    • 1,200 email subscribers.
    • Ranked at 15th among the Top 100 Christian music sites and blogs in the world according FeedSpot

Audience Profile
80% of CCR Zine's readers reside in the United States of America, 10% in Europe and the other 10% are distributed in different countries in Latin America and Asia. Most of them are Christian people over 30 years old, and have enjoyed the most emblematic Christian rock bands of the 70s, 80s or 90s like Petra, Degarmo & Key, Stryper, Mylon Lefevre, Larry Norman, Love Song, Whitecross, Bride, Bloodgood, Phill Keaggy, and many more.

We are the only web zine that shares news and articles exclusively from classical rock artists with Christian content. This has made us a reference point for many of these artists.

 Get In Touch For Rates and Availability
If you are interested, just send an email to classicchristianrock@live.com

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