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Mike Lee will auction articles of Barren Cross on Ebay


Published on September 28th, 2016 | by Anthony Martinez

Mike Lee, lead singer of Barren Cross announced this week that it will auction on Ebay some articles of the era of "Rock For The King" (1986), "Atomic Arena" (1988) and "State of Control" (1989).

Among the items  includes full costume that used in the time of the album "Atomic Arena" (The costume used in the video Imaginary Music and the concert filmed in 1987). In addition to this, Mike will auction also other items of clothing and accessories used on tours, original vinyls of those albums including some of the first pressings of Barren Cross! (the first EP “Believe”) and a few first-release limited edition special CD packages of the record company back then- Enigma/Capitol.

Agree with Michael, the bidding is easy and starting bids will not be so expensive, and it will autograph any products at the request of buyers.

It is noteworthy to mention that the 20% of the money raised will be donated to the family of his friend  "Cedric Domercq", who recently suffered a serious accident and is under medical care.

The Ebay auction will start this coming saturday, Oct. 1, 2016 at 12:00 PM noon PDT (Los Angeles) and end the following Saturday at the same time. (Items will appear at auction start time).

This is a great opportunity for collectors, not only of Christian metal, if not of fans of all the metal of the 80s. Barren Cross was one of the most important bands in the Christian metal in the 80s, being one of the bands that consecrated the Christian metal along with Bloodgood, whitecross, Stryper, Bride, Saint, among others.

Mike Lee has been compared since the 80s with Bruce Dickinson, and in some occasions considered a "Clone" of the Maiden singer.

In 1987 they signed with Enigma Recods, the same label that were part Stryper, Mötley Crüe, Lizzy Borden, Poison, Saxon, Slayer, Great White, just to mention a few.

In 1989 the band appeared on The Morton Downey Show alongside members of Kiss and Antrhax.

For those interested in the auction, this is the address of the store on Ebay (Items will appear at auction start time):

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