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Top 25 DeGarmo & Key Songs

Published on october 31th, 2022 | by Anthony Martinez

No one can talk about the history of Christian rock without mentioning DeGarmo & Key, one of the bands that stood out the most, mainly in the 80s. Their extensive discography gave us great classics, beautiful songs that bring nostalgia to many people in these years. 

We did a survey a few weeks ago to know the most liked songs by the fans, as I always say, the list presented does not explicitly reflect the results of the survey, but is complemented by the work of the editors, although we try to be as objective as possible, the lists of any site or magazine, will always be a topic of discussion, many will agree with the results while others will not. 

So here is the list, Top 25? why 25? well, the results of the polls were so close between one song and another, the discography is wide, this includes only DeGarmo & Key albums but not his solo albums. It's not easy when you have so much music, even more when it's a group like DeGarmo & Key. Please don't judge me, I can't limit myself to a DeGarmo & Key Top 10.

There were 1,318 people who voted for their favorite songs, so I must thank you for doing so, we love DeGarmo & Key, and this list is especially dedicated to you.

I hope you enjoy this tour through the 25 best DeGarmo & Key songs, please comment if you agree or not, if any of your favorite songs are not in the list.

25 Emmanuel 1978

24 Jericho 1979

23 Competition 1985

22 Out of the Danger Zone 1987

21  Livin' on the Edge of Dyn' 1979

20 Alleluia, Christ is Coming 1984

19 Against the Night 1991

18 All the Losers Win 1983

17  Don't Stop the Music 1986

16 Are you ready? 1984

15 Let the Whole World Sing 1983

14 Don't Throw Your Love Away 1986

13 Ready or Not 1983

12  If God is for us (Who can be against us?) 1989

11 God Good/Devil Bad 1993

10 Long Distance Runner 1979

 9  Rock Solid 1987

 8  Addey 1986 Version

 7  Hand in Hand 1989

 6  I'm Accepted 1989

 5  Boycott Hell 1989

 4  Six, Six, Six 1984

 3  Every Moment 1986

 2  Casual Christian 1985

 1  Destined to Win 1985

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