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'Jesus Revolution', a movement, revival and also a movie in 2023


Published on february, 22th, 2023 | by Anthony Martinez

We cannot talk about the history of CCM and Christian Rock without talking about Jesus Music, we cannot talk about Jesus Music without talking about the whole Jesus People movement or the Jesus Revolution (as Time Magazine called it) in the late 60s and early 70s, and finally, we cannot talk about the Jesus Revolution without talking about people who were important in this movement like Pastor Chuck Smith or Lonnie Frisbee.

Many people today would not associate Christians with hippies, however, history shows us the connection that the hippie culture had with Christianity in the 60s and 70s, it was not flower power, it was the power of God blossoming and working in mysterious ways beyond human understanding, it was God raising up young people from the streets for great purposes.

This year we will witness the release of a movie that has awakened the attention of thousands of Christians, Catholics and non-Christians, Jesus Revolution, from the creators of I Can Only Imagine, which is based on a true story of the hippie counterculture that marked the lives of thousands of young Americans between the 60s and 70s.

A generation of young people that impacted American culture, Christian faith, music and subsequent generations, directors Jon Erwin and Greg Laurie have decided to bring to theaters a film that transports us to this era, telling the new generations the story of a real Christian revival that impacted the entire nation, and creating nostalgia in all those who lived this era and were part of the Jesus Movement.

The renowned Pastor Greg Laurie along with Ellen Vaugh launched in 2018 the book Jesus Revolution, where Greg tells us about his testimony being a young man who was impacted at that time after meeting a street preacher named Lonnie Frisbee and Pastor Chuck Smith, and how this counterculture achieved a spiritual awakening in America. This is the story taken from the book to the movie where actor Joel Courtney plays young Greg Laurie as the main character.

 I wrote a book with my friend Ellen Vaughn called "Jesus Revolution." It’s not just the story of my life—it’s the story of something much bigger. It’s about Jesus moving by the power of the Holy Spirit in ordinary human lives. We tell the story of how God transformed an unlikely generation and how He can do it again today through people like you. - says Pastor Greg in a post on his facebook page.

On the other hand, Jonathan Roumie, known for his role as Jesus in the series 'The Chosen', who plays Lonnie Frisbee, and calls himself a born-again Catholic, recently conducted an interview with the Catholic news agency CNA and said:  Getting to play Lonnie was just a dream because he’s a preacher so, he has these gifts of the spirit and he has this love for Christ that I can identify with. Playing him it’s kind of like, “Well, how did Christ operate within Lonnie? What might that have looked like? And what does his life tell us about how God was present in his life?” And so getting to portray somebody that was deeply committed to Christ, while also intensely flawed, as an actor, that’s kind of a best case scenario. It’s the best of both worlds because it makes him such an interesting character to play. So, I just pray that I’ve done him justice and that people will walk away from the film feeling that they want to get to know Jesus on a deeper level.

The film will be released on february 24, you can visit the site jesusrevolution.movie for more information.

A few interviews with the actors and directors can be seen below in the video posted on the official Jesus Revolution website during the premiere and red carpet held on february 18:

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