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Bride releases new EP 'Eyes wide Open'


Published on april 27th, 2023 | by Anthony Martinez

In November last year, we announced that Bride would release their album Are You Awake? which was supposed to be released in January, but it seems that there were some delays and the new release date is May 19th.

However, before the album is released, they also released the EP Eyes Wide Open which is available on the Boone Overstock website, it has 6 songs, two of which are exclusive to this EP and will not be on the next album. 

On the Boone Overstock website you can read:

The tracks "Draw the Line" and "Not As Bad As It Seems" will remain exclusive to this CD-EP only.  And, you can bet those tracks are anything but filler - they are elite fist-pumpin"g, hard rockers with all the magic you would expect from Dale and Troy!  The other two tracks ("Ain't No Loser" & "Make Me Want to Live Again") are on the full-length release, Are You Awake?.  Lastly, fans are treated to one track each from the Snake Eyes and Here Is Your God making six tracks packaged in a four panel wallet and limited to just 500 copies world-wide! 

Bride has 27 full length albums and is one of the greatest Christian metal bands of all time, and in my opinion one of the best metal bands of the era, the Thompson brothers are really brilliant at what they do, and there is no doubt that they are currently in one of the best moments of creativity, doing covers and music not only for Bride, but for many bands, however, their main card is still Bride, who impressed us in the 80s and 90s with songs like Heroes, Trouble Times, I miss the Rain and many more.

There are only a few copies available, so make sure you get yours, there might be more copies of Eyes Wide Open soon, we don't know, but what we do know is that the album Are You Awake? is about to be released and you can pre-order it now.


  1. 1. Ain't No Loser (from the forthcoming album Are You Awake)
  2. 2. Make Me Want To Live Again (from the forthcoming album Are You Awake)
  3. 3. Draw The Line (exclusive EP track)
  4. 4. Not As Bad As It Seems (exclusive EP track)
  5. 5. Demon Speed (from Here Is Your God - 2020)
  6. 6. Famous When I'm Dead (from Snake Eyes - 2018)

Check This : https://boonesoverstock.com/collections/bride-dale-thompson/products/bride-eyes-wide-open-6-track-ep-new-digi-cd-2023-retroactive-records-4-new-tracks

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