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The 77s will re-release their album "Drowning With Land In Sight"

Published on April 09th, 2016 | by Anthony Martinez

Drowning With Land In SightPray Naked. Two benchmark albums from a beloved band that plowed headlong into the 90s with its new lineup of Michael Roe, Mark Harmon, David Leonhardt and Aaron Smith. It was a difficult mid-period for the band, both personally and artistically, but the 77's continued to shine bright and made 2 beloved and classic albums with the lineup.
Last year, the 77's and Lo-Fidelity Records remastered and expanded Pray Naked, putting it on Vinyl for the very first time in the process. Many of you were part of that, supporting the Kickstarter and encouraging us along the way. Now, a year later, the 77's and Lo-Fidelity Records have launched this campaign to reissue Drowning With Land In Sight on remastered/expanded CD and again for the very first time, Vinyl.

In addition to the campaign, the 77s (Michael Roe, Mark Harmon, Bruce Spencer and David Leonhardt) are touring in support of both the Pray Naked reissue and Drowning With Land In Sight campaign with their Drowning Naked tour. Join them NOW on the road from Sunday, April 2nd through Thursday, April 13th. Ticket info can be found here ~ http://www.77s.com/concerts.html

Drowning Kickstarter - http://kck.st/2oyuSwv

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