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Steve Taylor & the Danielson Foil "Wow to the Deadness" EP 2016


Steve Taylor:

What if Steve Taylor, the Perfect Foil, and Danielson holed up in a studio with Steve Albini and two reels of analog tape?

Has it only been a year since the release of Goliath, an album two decades in the making? What if, instead of waiting another two decades,  the follow-up was something more spontaneous and... punk rockeous?

We all know what it's like to go on tour, make new friends, discover a shared musical sensibility, write a bunch of songs together, call Steve Albini to record it, hole up in his studio with strictly analog gear to make a six song EP masterpiece and call it Wow to the Deadness, right? 

And we all agree that a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between the genre-defying Daniel Smith of Danielson Famile fame, the peerless Perfect Foil, and me (Steve Taylor) would be nothing short of historic, the likes of which haven't been witnessed since the glory days of Jobs & Woz or Siegfried & Roy, right? 

And we all know things can get a bit more pricey when leaving the womblike confines of our home studio for Chicago to work with the incomparable Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, Low, Foo Fighters) at his world-class Electrical Audio, especially when adding in extras like analog tape, music videos with dogs and explosions, a take-no-prisoners publicist and scores of miniature coffins.

So you can appreciate a situation where the zeal to create quality music for one's beloved fans overwhelms all sense of fiscal prudence, forcing an awkward tap-dance around the delicate topic of, "Yes, I've done this twice before, but would a third dive into the Kickstarter pool be perceived as a welcome invitation to restart the party? Or might some previously generous backers think me a nuisance?"

If you are in with the pool partying crowd, have we got a deal for you: A BRAND NEW EP THAT YOU GET A FULL MONTH BEFORE ITS INTERNATIONAL RELEASE! And the Deluxe Edition arrives at your doorstep in an oh-so-original keepsake that you'll want to pass with pride on to future generations and/or use to store baby teeth.

Best of all, it's already finished! We've just approved the vinyl test pressing, the brilliant cover art by Daniel has been lovingly rendered, and our tiny coffin painter (my wife) is ready to hand paint yours. All that's needed is your patronage. 

Thanks for once again making our dreams come true.

Your friend,

For More Info: http://kck.st/1IQIvXa

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