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Interview with Dale Thompson


Bride has been one of the more great and important Christian Metal bands, for more of 30 years we did enjoy powerful songs and beautiful ballads with a message of salvation.

But this great band has come to an end , leaving great songs , videos , and great memories , they say goodbye with a magnificent album called " Incorruptible " released in late 2013 . Here I leave you with this interview conducted Dale Thompson, where he talks about his career, interesting anecdotes , his latest album and much more .

1  First of all, Tell us about your childhood, where you were born and where you lived in your childhood?
DALE: I had a typical American childhood. My brother Troy and I were raised by Christian parents and we did all of the normal things kids do. We played, we ran, rode bicycles and played baseball. We are from a small community in the state of Kentucky called Nichols.

2 As you get involved with your brother in music?
DALE: Troy and I grew up playing southern style church music and at a very early age we had a gospel group called The Hillview Lads. We played many churches and over time it developed into what we are today.
The Thompson brothers when they were young

3 What were your early musical influences, and what were the influences of your brother Troy in his early years?
DALE: Growing up Troy nor I were really familiar with rock music. We knew many country classics and bought many Christian albums such as Dallas Holmes, Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Rusty Goodman.
We finally heard Resurrection Band and from that first listen we were intrigued. Why I pursued a heavy metal style was because of the Kerry Livgren "Seeds of Change" CD, I heard Ronnie James Dio sing two tracks on this album and prayed to God that if I could sing that well I would gladly write and perform heavy metal.

4 As the Thompson brothers came to know Jesus?
DALE: I do not know a time when we did not know Jesus.

5 When was the first time you appeared front of the public, how you felt?
DALE: We played churches at age 12 and 10 I am two years older than Troy. But as we evolved we played many shows under the name Matrix before we changed the name to Bride. I cannot really say how we felt. It was a very natural thing for us to do.

6 Before they formed "Bride" and before the "Matrix". Were you in other bands?
DALE: Only the Southern Gospel group when we were children.

7 His family supported them in this? There were your parents in accordance that you and your brother touched Heavy Metal?
DALE: Our parents have always supported what Troy and I have decided to do musically.

8 Matrix... How do Matrix formed? How old were they at the time?
DALE: Matrix started when I discovered a distortion box which at the time I called a fuzz box.

9 We speak of the other musicians who were part of the Matrix
DALE: Matrix was Troy and I and Steve Childers who played drums. At that particular time I played bass guitar. This was 1983. We were very theatrical. We had outrageous costumes and experimented with the use of pyrotechnics and lots of fog and dry ice for smoke. Our influences musically were The Police, U2 and The Cars with a David Bowie visual flair.

10 As was the change of Matrix to Bride, because they decided to change the name their band?
DALE; Once we were informed that there was an established jazz band called Matrix we opted to change the name of the band to avoid conflict and confusion. Matrix was actually signed by Pure Metal Records and we changed the name of the band during the contract negotiations.

11 With guitarist Steve Osborne, bassist Scott Hall, drummer Stephen Rolland, Dale and Troy Thompson starts Bride. At this moment, what are your goals as leader of bride?
DALE: The addition of Steve Osborne on guitar pushed our style out of the experimental rock stage into the metal realm. I had always wanted to play a bit heavier than our Matrix sound but we were writing more alternative music until Steve was added.
First Album of Bride "Show no Mercy"
12 As you felt at the time of having recorded the first album of Bride "Show no Mercy"?
DALE: The Show no Mercy album was a fun project but the record label was not giving us much direction. We went into the project without honestly knowing what the record labels plan was for us and without a clear vision of where we wanted the album to end up. But as it turned out Show No Mercy launched a 30 year career.

Back Cover from the first Album of Bride "Show no mercy"
13 What do you remember about those early years of "Bride" in the 80's?
DALE: In those days we struggled to find quality places to play. It seemed there were a hundred Christian coffee shops, very small venue and little real support from the Christian community for Christian Rock bands but we played every chance we got and we mainly played in very small rooms. We were having a good time and believing we were reaching people with the message of Christ Jesus. Even though it was on a small scale we dreamed of bigger and better things.

14 The story goes that Dale Thompson singing with Stryper in 1993. Tell us about this time, as did you come to sing in Stryper, I read that Robert Sweet said unexpectedly, you were the new Official Stryper vocalist, but your denied that.
DALE: Bride had toured with Stryper and during the tour Robert approached me and made mention that Michael was leaving the band. He asked if I would be interested in singing for Stryper.

Photograph taken on tour of Stryper and Bride 1993
Dale Thompson and Michael Sweet 1993

I was very interested and flew out to California and performed two shows with them as their lead singer. The conviction in my heart was still for Bride and after much prayer I informed Robert that I needed to continue with Bride.

Dale Singing with Stryper 1993

The very short time I had the privileged to be with Stryper I was very impressed with their dedication and hard work for the Lord. They were tremendously generous to me and I am thankful for the experience.

15 Snakes in The Playground, one of the best albums of Bride and one of the best Christian Metal albums of all time. Tell us about this album and what it means for you and for Bride.
DALE: Snakes was our first time working with producer Plinky. It was a brilliant collection of songs and defined who Bride was at the time. Although the hard core metal fans that had supported us found that it felt short of our previous Live to Die CD Snakes in the Playground turned out to be instrumental is breathing a second life into Bride.

Front cover from the album "Snakes in the playground" 1992

This CD came after my stint with Stryper and we milked the Stryper experience in the media for a very long time. I believe we have recorded at least two equally heralded CDs since Snakes in the Playground 1992 Snakes has stood the test of time and remains in Christian Rock lovers top ten CDs.

 16 The sound of "Bride" has changed over the years, experimenting in different areas of the metal, Bride was complying with current trends in each album? or was it just part of the evolution of the band?
DALE: Bride has never been afraid of trying new things. I have always enjoyed it when a band steps out of their comfort zone and flexes their musical muscle to record different styles.

For Troy and I to experiment with sounds came natural for us because of our many musical influences. My personal taste in music ranges from Johnny Cash, to Elvis, to Primus, Muse, Dio, Devin Townsend, Clutch and to Fleetwood Mac. For us we are happy to have provided many different faces of Bride for our fans.

17 Brazil has been a very important place for Bride. What it mean for you and the band this country? As began the love story with Brazil?
DALE: Our first experience in Brazil, from day number 1 was incredible. Brazil remains in our hearts and minds. Although we have not played Brazil in over 8 years we have been blessed to have been invited many times and to have been accepted by the Brazilian people. We will always love Brazil. Our only regret is that we were unable to return.
Dale Thompson raising the flag of Brazil in one
of the many events of bride to be made there
18 In 1995, Bride played in San Jose Costa Rica. Thing you remember that concert and trip to Costa Rica?
DALE: Costa Rica was an amazing experience for us. We found the people to be accommodating and excited to see us. This is another place that we were very fond of and regretfully were never able to return to the country.

19 What memories do you have of the Cornerstone?
DALE: We have bitter sweet memories of Cornerstone. We saw much love and acceptance and also were the brunt of mean spirited and extreme arrogance by works of the festival.

I am thankful to have played this even a few times but can honestly say I was not upset when I head that the festival was closed for good. Our last time there I felt as though they had embraced far too much secularism and what I remembered Cornerstone was in the beginning had been compromised and lost in the end.

 20 I've always wondered, where he gets all this energy Dale Thompson at concerts? It's amazing all the adrenaline to be drawn from his part when it is in the Stage.
DALE: I have always been an athlete. During the big years of bride I was a boxer. I stayed in tremendous condition physically by training to fight. I understand that I was a very physical performer and I hope the fans were always entertained and blessed by some of my dangerous moves.

21 What is the Christian rock band that most like best to Dale and Troy Thompson?
DALE: We were always big fans of The News Boys, Guardian and White Cross. We had personal connections to them and lots of respect.

22 Tell us about your solo albums. as have received the fans of Bride?
DALE: My solo projects were written and shared because I had so many creative ideas and thoughts and felt the need to share them. They are blues oriented and written to reflect my dark sometimes sarcastic humor.

Lyrically the songs were written in good fun to shine light upon the dark areas of our Christian life. They were very enjoyable to record and I learned a lot by hiring some of the better players in y area to contribute their talents.

23 You have been considered one of the best vocalists in Christian Metal with Rob Rock and Michael Sweet, what do you think about this?
DALE: I am humble enough to say thank you, it is my honor and realistic enough to say yes I agree with that. I know I have talent and a God given gift and I would never apologize for being a great vocalist. But I am not a brain doctor, a scientist changing the world. I a simply a singer in a rock n' roll band.

24 What Do you think about of the success they are having many Christian groups in the Secular market?
DALE: I am happy to see bands like Skillet and Switchfoot having the acceptance of the secular market. I wish it would have came earlier on but everything has its time and season.

25 Bride was part of the era of "long hair". It Can be done "Heavy Metal" without having a long hair?
DALE: I loved having long hair but do not miss it. Metallica who is the epitome of metal cut their hair so now it is more accepted for a metal band to have a cleaner look.

26 Your Brother Troy Thompson, the only guitarist in the band. As would be have another guitarist in Bride?
DALE: We have toured many times using two guitarist live. Martin Bowling, Scottie Hoaglan and Steve Osborne had all toured with us playing backup to Troy. Troy is more than capable of playing solo but live it was always god to thicken up our sound. I always loved to have that extra power on stage.

27 Tell us about your book "Soul Sabbath". Tell us a little bit upon this book.
DALE In the future I am planning on finishing up the book series "The Eternal Mortal Series." I love writing books much more than music and hope to have the opportunity to share my literary work with the world.

Soul Sabbath was the first book in the series followed by three more books concluding the work. I have the series completed and am now going through the editing process which is a long drawn out process. The first book is already online at www.bridepub.com for reading.

28 Tell us about "Bride-The Book"
DALE: This book chronicles to the best of my mental ability the history of Bride from our genesis up until The Fist Full of Bees CD. It is an honest account of what I remember.
29 It has been part of a particular church Dale Thompson or Bride?
DALE: I am an ordained minister with The Church of God.

30 What make Dale Thompson in their free time?
DALE: I write constantly. I am working on my books and I still work out a lout to stay healthy. I no longer compete in the fight game or weight lifting competitions but I workout to maintain good health. Recently my fee-time is spent planning my upcoming wedding with my fiance Adelinde.

31 What is your album and your favorite song of Bride?
DALE: Our latest CD Incorruptible" is my most favorite CD. It encompasses all of the many styles Bride has ever recorded and it highlights Troy's writing and playing long with my ability to still sing great and write memorable melodies.

It is by far our most meoldic work. As far as favorite songs I have many that I have loved. Everybody knows my name stands out along with Heroes, Hired Gin and Take the Medication.

32 Tell us about this last album "Incorruptible" because the name of this album? As you expect that the Fans of bride receive this album?
DALE: I hope rock and metal fans will give it a listen. For me it personalizes and tops off our career. It is heavy, melodic, creative and emotional on many levels.

Cover of the latest album from Bride "Incorruptible"
The name Incorruptible simply means once we are "IN CHRIST" we are incorruptible. Once we realize our identity in Christ Jesus we understand and are aware that we are the workmanship creative in Christ Jesus to do good works and the devil has no claim on us.

33 Really this album marks the end of Bride?
DALE: Bride has retired and I am personally retiring to New Zealand where I will marry my fiance and start a new life there. I have plans for a new band and over the next year I hope to have bean recording with the new group of us who are joining me in this venture.

Dale and his wife Adeline
34 What is your favorite song on this album?
DALE: I like the song Free it simply rocks.

35 How are you feeling after so many years in bride and see the success they have had. And become one of the most important Christian Metal bands in the world?
DALE: I am thankful that God chose me to do this work. I and blessed to have received the call and to be sent into all of the world to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and proclaim Him to all as Savior of the world. My goal has always been sharing truth and providing a means whereby this truth is attainable though the Holy Spirit.

36 What means for you Bride?
DALE: Bride has been my life and it is hard to walk away but our season has ended and it is time to move on as the Spirit leads.

37 What has been the most enjoyable time in your band for all these years?
DALE: Nothing has given me more enjoyable than to have worked closely along side of my brother Troy and stand back after we compose a song and know we did it together. Troy and I are best friends. We never argue nor disagree. We simply have built for the good of the Gospel and for Bride.

Troy Thompson
38 What will do starting now Dale Thompson?
DALE: Once I am married and become settled in New Zealand I would like to let my imagination run wild and continue my book writing. I am mostly looking forward with starting my life with my wife Adelinde and living well and prosperously.

 39 Send few words to the Bride fans and who visit this page
DALE Continue to support Christian bands who speak of Jesus Christ. We need more positive influence throughout the world and it is vitally important for Christians to be heard. Pray and believe.

I have lived a life of spiritual privileged and insurmountable blessings. My word of the day is believe on the Lord Jesus Christ with all our your heart, soul, mind and spirit. Give God your body and He can and will make you an instrument of His peace

 40 To end this interview, do you like to say something more?
DALE Have no doubts, be positive, believe and live in faith for our Heavenly Father loves us all and desires (wills) the very best for all of us. His love is unconditional and nothing can separate us from His love. Time and space are nothing for Him to bridge and He will pour His love into every receptive heart.

Thank you very much for allowing us to make this interview, but more than that, thanks for many years of great music! God Bless You Dale!


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