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Meet our new editor, Tom Farrar

Published on april 2nd, 2023 | by Anthony Martinez

I want to welcome our new editor Tom Farrar, a few weeks ago we made an announcement for those who would like to join as editors of our site and Tom contacted us.

I'm sure we're going to enjoy what Tom has to share with us, so first up is the bio he has emailed me so you can get to know a little about him.


Tom Farrar grew up in a college town in Virginia. He was first exposed to Christian rock as he graduated into his church youth group in 1982. Early groups included Glad, Petra and Whiteheart.  In 1985 Tom discovered Stryper, and he found a whole new genre to follow.  He attended several concerts locally and then in other areas in the coming years. 

During the 1990’s Tom ran the “loud” format radio program for one of the local Christian colleges.  Besides some of the traditional metal artists, the show also featured music from punk, industrial, grunge and alternative bands, particularly with the debut of the Tooth and Nail catalog. He also has worked as a classroom and homebound teacher, bookstore associate, payroll analyst, and most recently payroll tax accountant.

 Tom and his wife of 10 years, Dana, recently moved closer to their work but still in Virginia with their dogs, cats, birds, fish and turtle. Though not working directly with radio currently, Tom still enjoys singing with his church choir and listening to Christian rock.

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