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Jesus Revolution Passes $40 Million to Become Lionsgate's Highest-Grossing Film Since 2019


Published on march 18th, 2023 | by Michael Foust from CROSSWALK

The faith-based hit Jesus Revolution passed $40 million at the box office Monday thanks to another solid showing and is now the highest-grossing movie since 2019 for its studio, Lionsgate.

The film grossed $615,000 on Monday, an impressive number on an off-night which represented a drop of only 29 percent from the previous Monday.

Jesus Revolution (PG-13) has now grossed $40.02 million domestically, which ranks No. 1 among all post-pandemic movies by Lionsgate. The studio’s top-grossing film in 2021, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, grossed $38 million domestically. Lionsgate’s top film of 2022, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, grossed $20 million.

The film tells the true story of a hippie-led revival in the 1960s/70s that sparked countless ministries. The movie focuses on the stories of three men: Chuck Smith, Lonnie Frisbee and Greg Laurie.

Jesus Revolution stars Jonathan Roumie (The Chosen) as Frisbee, Kelsey Grammer (Cheers, Frasier) as Smith and Joel Courtney as Laurie.

“The numbers are incredible, especially coming out of a pandemic,” producer Kevin Downes told Christian Headlines, adding that the faith audience has made a statement by coming out “in droves.”

“They're not going away,” Downes said of faith-focused moviegoers.

Downes is one of the co-founders of Kingdom Story Company, which made the film. The other co-founders are Jon Erwin, Andy Erwin and Tony Young. Kingdom Story also produced I Can Only Imagine, I Still Believe and American Underdog.

Jesus Revolution finished in the Top 5 at the box office in its first two weekends.

Roumie said the film has lessons for today’s world.

“It's about faith, it's about hope and redemption and finding your identity in God,” Roumie told Christian Headlines. “It's the great human conundrum, it's the great question we all ask ourselves: What am I doing? Why am I here? What is my purpose? And every generation has that and gets distracted from God. … When people come to the realization that God is their identity, God is behind their identity, everything falls into place.”

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