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After 20 years, the legendary Spanish rock band Vox Dei, performed two concerts in Guatemala


Published on january 16th, 2023 | by Hector Sicajan

More than two decades have passed for the Guatemalan band Vox Dei to return to the stages of their native country Guatemala, one of the biggest bands of the Christian rock and metal scene in Latin America, they influenced thousands of young people in the 90's and early 2000's when they released their last album. 

After a long silence, in 2018 they managed to perform a concert with some founding members and guest musicians, but this was in the neighboring country of El Salvador.

Four years after that concert, the wait is over for the people of their own country, the announcement of new Vox Dei concerts in Guatemala finally became a reality, one in Guatemala City on December 8 and the other in Quetzaltenango on December 10.

On December 8 we saw hundreds of people arrive, children with their parents, young people and adults who grew up with the music of Vox Dei and wanted to pass on the legacy to the new generations. 

People also came from neighboring countries, no one wanted to miss this concert, we saw waving flags from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico, such is the case of our friend who tells us the following: Greetings friends and followers of the community "Classic Christian Rock Magazine" I am Alexandra Ramirez from El Salvador.

My experience with the VOX DEI concert was incredible, I didn't manage to take the first bus to Guatemala City and I had to leave on the 1pm bus. It was a worrying 7 hour trip because I didn't want to miss any of the concert, I made it half way through the concert, I was able to see the Aragon brothers in action and as always Estuardo's voice was wonderful! It was worth the hours of travel. Curiously I was able to see them again on the same date they performed in El Salvador. A date I will never forget.

With a line-up that had Estuardo Meza as the only original member of the band, the special participation of a great guitarist and former member of Vox Dei, Saúl Aragón, had been announced beforehand, which made the event something nostalgic and joyful.

Thus began the long awaited concert, an epic overture that ignited the people, the sound of the synthesizer announced what was to come, Vox Dei came on stage and with the classic songs such as Regresa no tardes, Torre fuerte, Cansado and A dónde iré, the audience chanted every song.

It is also worth mentioning the virtuosity of the musicians such as the well known guitarist Edras Ramos Jr son of Edras Ramos Sr who was the producer and guitarist of Vox Dei in its beginnings, the drummer Devadip Chunga who was presented as the drummer of the band since 2018, amazed us with an excellent Jam and incredible solos on bass, keyboard, drums

A few days before the event Vox Dei announced and presented a new song called Sustancia Divina, a power ballad that we had the honor to listen to at the concert. 

The evening continued with the songs Psalm 23, Rompiendo Las cadenas. Vivo está and an incredible guitar solo by Hedras Ramos Jr., the participation of a choir was added and then came the expected moment, the Aragon brothers, excellent musicians and former members of Vox Dei made us travel back in time with songs like Gafas Oscuras, Ciudad Distante and Vi la Luz.

The evening culminated with the songs that are an anthem for lovers of Christian rock, the powerful songs Fiel y verdadero and Quítate la máscara.

It was a great experience to see the band, we hope to see them again soon on stage.

We wish them the best, may their music continue to bless the lives of many people.

The legacy continues.

Photos by Hector Sicajan and Vox Dei FB Page

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