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Bride announces new album: Are you awake?


Published on november 05th, 2022 | by Anthony Martinez

When a new Bride album is announced, they have my full attention, besides being one of the best Christian metal bands, they have one of the best metal singers ever. 

The end of Bride announced in 2013, became a farewell to the stages, this since five years later they released Snake Eyes, but without a tour, not even a reunion of their musicians in a studio, no promotional photographs, Bride is no longer a band that performs live, all their musical work is remotely, Dale lives in New Zealand and Troy in Lousville, Kentucky, and the musicians that are guests also live in other cities in North America, even Brazil.

Anyway, 2018's Snake eyes and 2020's Here is your God are really great, so a new Bride album is surely something fans of the band are going to love.

Dale Thompson announced a few weeks ago the new album "Are You Awake?" to be released in January 2023 under Retroactive Records. I find it strange that there is still no official press release for this album, a release that has not had any promotion so far, just a couple of publications from Dale, actually it is Rafael Tavares, cover designer, who has echoed the new Bride album.

Bride has fans all over the world, but their last few albums have not had a strong promotion and diffusion, I'm sure many old Bride fans are not aware of the band's most recent albums.

What else can I say about the new album?, well, do you remember Steve Curtsinger?, he was Bride's bass player between 1993 and 1999, he was also bass player of other bands like Killed by Cain and guitar player of an old band called White Ray in the late 80s, Steve lives in the same city as Troy, so it will surely be easier to work together, I guess.

Not much to say because there is not a press release, I had to contact Dale to get some info, and Dale made a post on his facebook profile at the time, coincidence?

Well, I'll stop complaining because there hasn't been much publicity for the next album, and also because there is no press release, so finally this is the cover of the new album, it has been designed by Rafael Tavares from Brazil, who also designed the cover of the Here is Your God album in 2020.

1 Ain't No Loser

2 Make Me Want To Live Again
We're All Going To Die
4 Hammer Down
5 12 O'Clock Apocalypse
6 Under My Skin
7 On With The Show
8 Are You Awake
9 Trippin
10 All I Wanted
11 Human State
12 Pull The Trigger
13 Draw The Line
14 Not As Bad As It Seems

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