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The Brave releases new album


Gravedigger is coming for you on August 13th. Not literally, it's just the new album from The Brave. The Christian rockers release is out now for you to Rock!

Published on august 12th, 2022 | by Shine

The Brave had already amazed us with Evie's Little Garden, and apparently these guys are going to do it again with Gravedigger which becomes the band's 5th album and their 2nd with Stacey (Roberts) as vocalist -and guitarist as well-, plus the company of Malcom (Paris) on bass and John (Spittle) on drums; and again the mixing in the good hands of JR McNeely.


In late 2021 they announced that they were going to record this new album, and their plan to make it 100% fascinating from start to finish with this "One rule: All Killer, No Filler!". If you liked their previous work and have been following the band I'm sure you didn't miss any of the updates they posted until the long-awaited date release arrives. In case you didn't, read on.. 


"The final song for Gravedigger has been sent to Malcolm for the bass track. John and I have already finished the final tune and we couldn’t be more excited about what has become this album. I’ll get the final tracks from Malcolm tomorrow, at which point I will prep the track and send to JR for a final mix. We will send it to Euphonics Mastering so Brad can do his magic and the next chapter in The Brave story will be written. We are so excited to share this music with you all, and I wanna sincerely thank BraveNation for being so patient. I promise it will be worth the wait", Stacey shared before finishing the album.


In steps with Evie's Little Garden, they anticipated the same hard-hitting quality of the brand new album by presenting the singles Gravedigger, BraveNation and Alive to give us a taste of the new stuff so we want more of this great classic band. Obviously, the fans' compliments and positive reactions came swiftly.


Gravedigger features 13 superb new songs and is without a doubt highly recommended for lovers of Melodic Hard Rock with an exceptional guitar work and where all the elements are well combined: catchy melodies, top-notch production, solid lyrics, everything's with the intention of making you headbang to the loud music. That's the identity they are getting us used to that characterizes this reborn The Brave.


You can order the album on the band official website: www.thebravemusic.com

Track listing: 

Bad Day
Heaven Knows
Someone's Watching Over Me
Love is the Only Place
The Undertaker
Strange New World

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