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Les Carlsen releases his debut single


He's coming is out now for streaming and Les sounds amazing as always.

Published on august 12th, 2022 | by Shine

Iconic Christian Metal singer Les Carlsen has been working with his Bloodgood bandmate Paul Jackson on a new solo album. His first single "He's coming" was dropped on August 11 for streaming.

"I just heard He’s Coming streaming everywhere! Thinking about Michael and Kevin missing my brothers." Les shared on his social media, and we can't help but be moved by the recent passing of Michael Bloodgood and Kevin Whisler. It has been a difficult time for all the family, friends and fans of Bloodgood, one of the most important and recognized bands in Christian Rock and Metal that has blessed many people through the years. Although the end of the classic group has been announced, given that it will not be the same without Michael, Carlsen's ministry continues in this new solo phase. 

With the Bloodgood's characteristic stamp, the song is terrific with this heavy melodic structure, thunderous guitar riffs, and the whole apocalyptic sound atmosphere is pertinent to those lyrics sung passionately with great conviction to warn us to be prepared for the coming of Jesus Christ. The chorus is well marked and sticks in your head. The guitar solo is nothing but cool and forceful. As for Les Carlsen voice, it remains intact over the years and it's very unique and powerful as always, which will undoubtedly make us think of his good times with Bloodgood. Now we all look forward to hearing the full length album, what do you think?

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