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Ulises Eyherabide, Singer of the Argentine Ska band Rescate, died at 55 years old


Published on july 30th, 2022 | by Anthony Martinez

Friday July 29th, 2022 has been a sad and hard day for Christian rock and Christian music internationally.

Not only did we lose Michael Bloodgood, in Argentina, Ulises Eyherabide, one of the most famous and emblematic Christian rock artists in Latin America, singer of the band Rescate, passed away at the age of 55.

Rescate was a Christian Ska Rock band formed in 1987, during the 90s and 2000s they filled full stadiums in many Spanish speaking countries, were signed by Universal Music and won 6 Arpa Awards (which are the equivalent of the Dove Awards but for Christian artists in Spanish).

The news spread through the web page of a well known Pastor from Argentina named Dante Gebel.

Ulises also collaborated with many Latin American Christian artists such as Annette Moreno, Vertical, Alex Campos, Kyosko, the North American reggae group Christafari and many more.

In February 2020 the band decided to announce its end as a band:

Dear Rescate people, the time has come to say goodbye. We have taken one year of inactivity to make this momentous decision for our lives. We have weighed our own hearts, our families and the road we have traveled. So much for Rescate. As the Bible says: "...time and occasion befalls everyone." We are convinced that this is our time of the end. More than 30 years of experience unite us three generations that have been crossed by our songs and unite us in the same Spirit. The word of God never returns empty and the seed that falls on fertile soil brings permanent fruit. We look back not with nostalgia but with heartfelt gratitude to God for all that we have lived, to all the places and people that received us as a band, and to all the generations that followed us in every city and in every concert. We love you, you will always be part of our life, of our history and of our heart. As a group of friends we agree to say, this is as far as we have come, and to continue strengthening our bonds of friendship and brotherhood. Farewell and may God our Father bless you all.

So far, nothing has been said about the cause of death of the singer and the band has not issued a statement, fans of the band in Spanish-speaking countries are waiting for a statement from the members.

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