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Bloodgood band says goodbye forever

Published on july 30th, 2022 | by Anthony Martinez

We are not always prepared for news like this, our music heroes have an end, like everything in life, bands also have an end.

This time, we received with great sadness for the fans of Christian metal, the news of the end of Bloodgood, after the recent death of their leader Michael Bloodgood and drummer Kevin Whisler at the end of 2021, singer Les Carlsen and guitarist Paul Jackson have decided to end the band that for 38 years made vibrate with heavy metal and the message of Christ to thousands of people around the world.

Singer Les Carlsen issued a statement on his facebook page, marking a historic date as the day Bloodgood came to an end.

Les Carlsen's statement below:

For the BLOODGOOD fans who are captivated by the music, the sound, and the power that came from the message about life everlasting through Christ we want to say, “Thank you”! 


Many have been asking about the future of BLOODGOOD and the new music that was being developed.


Now that Michael is home, BLOODGOOD as a band has come to an end. No new music will be written. No BLOODGOOD live concerts will take place. However, there are a few new songs that Michael wrote and performed and some ‘legacy’ material that may be developed at a future date and released to you…and the long-awaited streaming and digital download of the Trenches of Rock film is now available for pre-order in the iTunes store.


For me, the ministry of BLOODGOOD and the personal call on my life remain unchanged, so I will continue to record new music. The message is the same and it is urgent. Life is short! 


Paul Jackson and I, the team that wrote some of the BLOODGOOD classics such as “Crucify”, “Demon on the Run”, “Seven”, “Top of the Mountain”, “Pray” and “Lamb of God” to name a few, will continue to write new material and play some live shows. We have already been working on an album that will hopefully be released later this year. The first single is scheduled for streaming on Aug 12.


All of us who are moved by the life of Michael Bloodgood can truly say that the light of Jesus was bright in him. As his best friend and partner, I will do my best to honor him, but more importantly, to proclaim the truth about Jesus Christ, the savior of the world, a message Michael was so passionate about.


Please continue to support Michael's wife, Marilyn, and his family. 



It is not easy news for Bloodgood fans, however, we understand the fact that their leader, bassist and founder Michael Bloodgood is no longer in this world, and months ago Kevin Whisler also passed away, it has been a very hard time for Les Carlsen and Paul Jackson, it has been a difficult time for their families and all the fans.

I thank God for the members of Bloodgood, for their music and legacy, I trust that God will give them peace in their hearts. 

The metal missionaries say goodbye forever as a band. I love Bloodgood, they have been one of the most amazing metal bands I have ever heard in my life. 

Thanks for everything guys!

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