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Tourniquet are working on a new album

Published on april 19th, 2022 | by Anthony Martinez

Maybe this year we will hear a new album from Tourniquet, one of the most important Thrash metal bands, in my opinion, not only on a Christian industry, but in metal in general.

Through his Facebook page, Ted has been keeping the Tourniquet fan base updated on the recording process of their next album.

It will probably be a 10 song album, not many details have been given, we don’t have a promo single yet, just anxiousness to hear what’s new from Tourniquet.

Ted realizes that people want to know more, so he just shared the following message on Tourniquet’s official facebook page:

“From the studio: The new album is likely looking to be 10 songs. I realize many want 

to know what the music is like. Is it heavy? Is it progressive? Can you compare it to any previous album? Yes, yes, and no. I have no desire to try and recreate the past. For Tourniquet, it’s about moving forward - not backward for the sake of nostalgia. The material is heavy, it’s progressive - and the main reason it’s taking longer than expected to finish: it’s complex. 

The songs are full of allegorical themes not explored before. No watered down messages. No shying away from God and the things in life that matter. 

Thank you for hanging in there and waiting until it’s finished in the way that we want: so you will love it and be blessed. - Ted”

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