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Matt Maners, guitarist for Betrayal, Martyr and The Terminal, passes away at age 52

Published on april 17th, 2022 | by Anthony Martinez

Sad news has spread in recent days, Matt Maners, who was the founding guitarist of Betrayal in the early 90s, guitarist for Martyr in the late 80s and guitarist in The Terminal in the mid 90s has passed away at the age of 52.

Matt was born on December 29, 1969, and according to Jesse Morales, former drummer of the band The Terminal, Matt passed away on April 1 at 1:00 am after a tough battle with health-related issues.

Brian Meuse, drummer of Betrayal and Martyr, also announced the news through facebook and showed his condolences for the loss of Matt Maners:

“Well it is  with great sadness and heavy heart that one my best friend has pass away and went to be with the Lord  Matt Maners.. We first meet when I was 22 years old. He was one of the lead guitar players in my Band and other Bands i played with Over the years . Matt was always a head of his time in creating music and helping  lead the way for others with his Ideas.I am glade and blessed that  I had the pleasure of doing several Cds /albums and we just got done doing some more recording in Nov and Dec that’s was awesome. We also over the  years played  some amazing shows that will all was  be part of me.  I learn so much about music and recording from Matt over the years I am so lost for words and numb and my heart breaking thinking about it. But please keep Matt family in your prayers.  MATT you will be missed my brother and friend.”

Jesse Morales, drummer for The Terminal in the 90s alongside Matt said in his profile: 

“This is hard for me to say this, my friend, brother, and former band mate Matt Maners went to be with the Lord early this morning at 1:00am. There are people that come and go in your life, then there are those that have a huge impact on your life stay in it. Years ago I was a young small town desert boy and was determined to get into the music industry. I would do what I had to do and work hard to see this through. I was clueless of how things worked and what steps to take. Through a mutual friend I was given the opportunity to audition for a band that I was a fan of, loved and admired. I was young, scared, and nervous. I was shaking and sweating the whole long drive there. As walked into the studio my fears and insecurities grew. Here I’m in front of one of my favorite bands. Then Matt came up and introduced himself introduced to me and to the rest of the band and encouraged me to relax and enjoy this time. He was humble and very confident in his craft and as a person. I was expecting someone if his caliber and position to be rude and stuck up, he was the opposite. I was nervous and excited when I received the phone call not sure if it was going to be a yay or nay. Thankfully it was a yay, I got the part. I was soon on this journey, a journey that I dreamed about doing that came true, but there was a twist. 


I auditioned as their keyboardist. We had been rehearsing to record their second album and playing shows. Two weeks before we were scheduled to start recording the album, Matt found out that I also played drums (this was my second instrument, piano was my first). Matt asked me if I could also record the drums for the album and if I was able to play all the parts. I didn’t even have a drum set. So, I borrowed one from a friend and took it to our studio rehearsal space in San Dimas. Miraculously, I was able to play the parts. For four months we recorded the album the in LA and this was just the beginning of this journey. Matt is still to this the day the best guitar player and musician I’ve had the honor of playing and touring with. Matt was a genius and here’s an example. He built his own guitar pedals because there was nothing out at that time that had the sounds that he needed and wanted. He never wanted to sound like anyone else. Matt’s decision this gave me the opportunity to do what I’ve done and am still doing today as a drummer in the industry. I’m so thankful for God bringing Matt into my life. I’m thankful for his friendship, his guidance, for teaching me so much about life and about the industry. I’m so thankful that myself and a few other close friends were able to say our good byes late last night. This wasn’t our final good bye, it was a see you later, because I will one day reunite with him in the presence of God . Most of all I’m thankful for his passion for God. 

Matt you will be missed, but always remembered.”

Please keep Matt’s family in your prayers.

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