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John Elefante's new album, will be released on April 22nd

Published on march 18th, 2022 | by Anthony Martinez


The legendary singer John Elefante, will release his new album "The Amazing Grace" under the label Escape Music for Europe and Deko Entertainment for America.

The Amazing Grace, will be released on April 22nd and can be pre-ordered through the Escape Music website (Click Here) and The Music Shop (Click Here).

The album was produced by John and Frank Boxberger and features 11 songs. The album was to be released in 2021, however there have been several delays, as stated by John in a written release on December 6, 2021:

"We expected this record to come out much sooner but every time I make a record random obstacles seem to pop up as they did on this one! I hope when you hear it, it will be worth the wait. We’ll explain some of the backstory into the making of this project upon release. Some very interesting occurrences took place in a different world I’ve never experienced in my lifetime. Yes my faith has been challenged but my KING still sits HIGH on the Throne. Love it or hate it, it is all I have to give for such a time as this...

John is openly known for becoming the lead singer of Kansas in 1981, later he also worked as a producer with many Christian artists such as Petra, Sweet Comfort Band, X-Sinner, Bride, Guardian, Sandi Patty, Nouveaux, Barren Cross, etc. He also formed the band Mastedon in the late 80's, all through his own label called Pakaderm. John has also had a very distinguished solo career since his first album Windows of Heaven released in 1995.

Track List:
01 City of Grace 4:13
02 Stronger Now 4:40
03 The Amazing Grace 5:19
04 Time Machine 4:50
05 Won’t fade away 5:15
06 Not alone 6:39
07 Falling into place 5:24
08 We will be fine 4:22
09 Little brown book 5:02
10 And when I’m gone 4:20
11 City of Grace (Long version) 6:16

Listen to Stronger Now, released on April 14, 2021 as the first single from The Amazing Grace.

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