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Michael Bloodgood has suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and has been hospitalized

Published on february 23th, 2022 | by Anthony Martinez

Update: Michael Bloodgood passed away on July 29, 2022, read the full story below: https://www.classicchristianrockzine.net/2022/07/michael-bloodgood-great-metal.html

Michael Bloodgood, bass player and leader of the heavy metal band Bloodgood, was airlifted to a hospital late Wednesday night after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke, according to Bloodgood's official facebook page.

Prominent Christian metal artists such as Timothy Gaines and George Rene Ochoa have left messages of support to pray for for Michael Bloodgood, as have many of Bloodgood's friends and fans.

The band's message below:

Dear Friends, Michael Bloodgood has suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and has been airlifted to the hospital. Although he's currently stable, he had a severe brain bleed so the next several days are critical. Please keep our brother in your prayers!

At this time, we humbly ask that you please respect the privacy of his family. Thank you for your loving support of Michael in your prayers for a complete, speedy recovery.

"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.”

- Matthew 18:20

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