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CCR Premiere: Argentine singers release "EN EL REINO", the spanish version of Whitecross's classic song "In The Kingdom".

Published on june 1st, 2019 | by Anthony Martínez

Saturday June 1, 2019, will always be remembered as a historic day for Christian artists in Argentina, as it has been the day chosen for the release of the song and video "En El Reino", the Spanish version of the classic power ballad by Whitecross, In The Kingdom.

A project that took about five months, featured the presentation of renowned and legendary Christian singers from Argentina, most of them rockers, and was led by Julio Guez, a young artist who had the vision to realize this amazing project.

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Launched in 1991, the song In The Kingdom became one of the most popular songs of its time, captivating thousands of people around the world. This song is not only a classic of Christian music, it is also a mainstream classic in many Latin American countries.

28 years later, a boy from Argentina named Julio Guez decided to bring together a large number of Christian artists from his country to pay tribute to the emblematic hard rock band Whitecross, and beyond that, managed to have the partition of two of its members, Scott Wenzel and Rex Carroll, vocalist and guitarist respectively. Julio's vision also achieved the emergence of the first association of Christian musicians in Argentina, something never seen before in this country.

The video was Filmed in the city of Buenos Aires Argentina, shows the participation of all the musicians and singers involved such as Gabriela Sepulveda (Boanerges), Luis Barni, Enrique Gomez, Hugo Lopez (Heart to Heart), and Coky Bonilla (Mission Blues Band), Rabito, Miguel Ángel Scabone, Luis Viana, Diego Rivas, Sabryna Argañaraz Daher, Maximiliano Bongarrá, Cristian Bronzoni, Carlos Alberto Bareiro , Marcela and Marcelo Romero, Edu Carrizo, Pablo Rossi, Sebasstian David, Juan Barassi, Jose Miguel Angel Amurin, Judith Viana, Marcelo Potenza, Gabriel Messina, Thato Leites, Myriam Tovar, Marcelo Rodríguez; Pry Gonzalez; Eduardo Chaves; Leo Molina, Gustavo Russo, Daniel Cortéz, Christian Alarcón, Clo Paez, Pablo Barni; Pablo Anderson, Cristian Anderson, Jony Anderson, Daniel Domínguez (father of Julio and Charly), Mery Rodriguez, Julián Viana, Marian Kow, Manuel Lacheta, Leote Lértora, Hernan Ezequiel Nuñez, Marcelo Bellota and of course, Julio Guez. It is also important to mention Graciela Fasanelli, the director of the wonderful choir of Argentine Christian artists.

The two big surprises are the appearance of Rex Carroll at the beginning of the video, and Scott Wenzel after the song has finished.

"En el Reino", this is not just a cover of Argentine artists, this is already a new classic of Christian music, confirming once again the talent of Christian artists, and confirming that the power of God transcends borders and languages.

The Original song and video

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