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Divine Right will have its reunion show this 2019 in New York

Published on april 6th, 2019 | by Damaris Villegas

Kevin Brandow will play live again with his old band Divine Right after 30 years.  The frontman -also known for being part of Petra- communicated about the show to remember and bring back the beloved 80s era with a promotional video of the event on social media.

Divine Right was a Melodic Hard Rock band that only recorded two complete cassettes, a demo and an album compiled on CD, as detailed in the metal archives site.  Kevin began recording all the instruments in his own studio with the help of Bob Alvaro on rhythm guitar resulting in the demo of the band "Tongues of Fire" in 1987.  Then he recorded "Powerchange" in 1988 with the collaboration of Dave Hoffs on guitar and vocals being his first full album, considering the length of that recording, although it only came out in cassette format.

In 1990 Divine Right released their second full lenght album also on cassette "Your Rock 'N Roll".  Finally the group formed by Kevin Brandow (lead vocals, lead guitar), Mike Carella (lead guitar, backing vocals), Dave Brennan (drums, backing vocals), and Mark Goyette (bass, backing vocals), recorded a definitive compilation album with all their stuff called "So Far" in 1991.

The compositions were very good, and Kevin's perfect voice in the Michael Sweet style. This group has interesting songs that everyone should hear like Your Rock 'N roll, Tongues of fire, The Gavel, Love Won Another, among others. The characteristic sound of hard rock and glam metal bands of the time was part of them, and they demonstrated that style playing in various places until the 90s. It should be noted that bassist Matt Hurich (ex Leatherwolf), who once played live with Stryper, also played with Divine Right.

Now it's 2019 and these guys will meet again. Kevin wrote the following to promote the event and their new Facebook bandpage: "My band from the 80's is playing a live show on April 6 here in NY. If you can't come to the show, you can still give my page a LIKE! It's brand NEW! You may even be the first one to like it :) thank you!!"

SWRIII show (Saratoga Winners Reunion Night) will be today April 6th at Chrome foods and spirits (405 Hudson River Rd Waterford New York), with Brennan, Carella, Frank Minissale (guitar), and Jon Bean accompanying Kevin as it was promoted through a video with re-recordings of the songs Powerchange and Your Rock 'N roll (which you can download in mp3 with the purchase of the ticket).  The guys will share the event with the bands Enertia, Bone Box, Maxx Thrust and Untaymed to pay tribute to one of so many places that was the cradle of rock bands in the 80s.

The leader of Divine Right, participated many times in Petra.  He was keyboardist and guitarist in 1996 until 1999 and He collaborated in the recording of God Fixation in 1998. Chelsea Brandow, Kevin's wife, also wrote a song for the album. Although he was no longer official member of the band, he played live several times and continued to collaborate with Petra in the 2000s.

Brandow is a very active musician and he has recorded as a soloist and with his wife Chelsea as well.  This talented songwriter and producer is currently involved in the bands The Schmooze (with Brennan and Carella in formation), The Refrigerators, and Jett Screamer (with partner Minissale). He also has his own recording and teaching studio called KBCB Music.

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