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Argentinian artists will launch a Spanish version of "In The Kingdom".

Published on january 25th, 2019 | by Anthony Martinez

If there's one thing that can break the language barrier, it's music. It doesn't matter if you don't understand the lyrics because it's in another language, a good melody can capture the attention of anyone anywhere in the world, and the most passionate will look for a way to translate the lyric into their own language.
Within contemporary Christian music we could mention many songs, but one of the most emblematic is undoubtedly the classic song by Whitecross "In The Kingdom", released in 1991. This song captivated thousands of young Christians and non-Christians throughout Latin America, not only is it a classic of Christian music, it is also a classic hard rock song in many of these countries.

The Impact of "In the Kingdom" has led Julio Guez, a young musician from Argentina to undertake a project that has captured the attention of the media in this country and others, as a large number of well-known Rock and Christian metal singers in this country have joined together to record and make video of this song in their own language.

Well-known Christian singers of the 80s and 90s such as Luis Barni, Enrique Gomez, Hugo Lopez (Heart to Heart), Gabriela Sepulveda (Boanerges), Alberto Zamarbide (Logos, Primal) and Coky Bonilla (Mission Blues Band), have joined a large number of younger Christian artists to sing with one voice "En El Reino", throug a great choir directed by Graciela Fasanelli.

Other renowned musicians who have joined this project are Cristian Borneo (Petra), Dany Berrios, Elías Álvarez among others.

Julio Guez, director and organizer of this project, said in a recent interview to Metalbreed

"The nostalgic ones, of the 80s and 90s know that it's a song that at the time hit a lot, considering that in those times there were no social networks or YouTube. The only thing we received from the outside was the cassettes. It was the only way to be able to listen to international bands and I remember that In the Kingdom was a hit in my country. Then, years later, when the subtitles arrived, we realized that the lyrics are shocking. The lyrics speak of what the world expects, and what God's children know is to come. "

The Church "It's God's Time" was the chosen place to carry out the filming of the video clip 

Recently, the magazine Mundo Cristiano, carried out a report in which it interviews several of the artists that participate in this project that will be launched to the world in the month of April.

Although the song and video have not been officially released, this project has already borne fruit, and that is that this month was founded the association of Christian musicians in Argentina thanks to the unity that was during the recording and filming of the song.

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