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Holy Soldier Central America Tour | September 1991

Published on september 4th, 2018 | by Anthony Martinez

The main Guatemalan newspapers announced in August 1991 the two concerts of the North American band “Holy Soldier”, “a band of the stature of Cinderella and Aerosmith”, they arrived in Guatemala to perform two concerts. 

High expectations were for hard rock fans in this country, who a few weeks ago had had the visit of Whitecross. At that time, Michael Cutting was no longer part of the band, being replaced by Scott Soderstrom, who would be on this little Holy Soldier tour on Guatemala and El Salvador. 

On September 1 they performed a concert in the capital of Guatemala, and on September 3
in the city of Quetzaltenango. Days later they traveled to San Salvador, El Salvador, some say that this concert was a failure because not many people arrived, perhaps because the country was in civil war.

 Guatemala Newspapers


 El Salvador

Only in Guatemala can you wear your boxers and it’s all good.... lol I remember the motel we were going to stay at in the middle of the woods .... the owner comes out to greet us in boxer shorts, combat boots with an M-16.... they were going to boil green pool water for us to bathe in....and the bus ride to El Salvador.... had a woman’s armpit in my face the whole way there and in her other arm was a chicken.... Steven Patrick

I met the love of my life on that trip... Andy Robbins

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