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John DeGroff (Petra) to Release New Album on June 22nd

Published on june 3rd, 2018 | by Anthony Martinez

John DeGroff, former bassist and founding member of Petra in the early 70s, has decided to launch a new solo album called "Salt" that will be released on June 22nd through Rottwiler Records.

The album will feature Grammy Award winner and Petra singer, John Schlitt, who sings the song Runnin', which you can listen to by clicking here. Curiously, Schlitt and DeGroff never participated in any of Petra's albums together, as DeGroff had separated from the band many years before Schlitt joined the band as lead singer in 1986.

This is an album recommended for all the fans of the progressive music of the 70s like King Crimson, Yes, Kansas or Genesis.

Something worth mentioning is the wonderful cover of the album that takes us back to the 70s, a beautiful cover for old school rock fans.

You can Pre-order for only $8.00 until June 8th! (Regular price starts June 9th)


01) Runnin’ 
02) Sneeze 
03) Dave’s Living Room 
04) I’m Your Man 
05) Wish I Was A Child Again 
06) Silk And Cookies 
07) Celebrity Squat Thrust 
08) From Yes To No And Back Again 
09) Theme For A Perfect Day

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