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Dale Thompson presents us the first single of his new band "Perpetual Paranoia"

Published on february 18th, 2018 | by Anthony Martinez
Everybody pay attention and get to know Dale Thompson's new band "Perpetual Paranoia", a project with which he works as a duo with Tiago James de Souza from California's "Hand of Fire" band.
Dale Thompson does not stop, he has been working recently with The World Will Burn, No Other Gods, a new Bride allbum, but that is not enough, Thompson's ability to work on several musical projects simultaneously is evidenced by introducing us to his new band Perpetual Paranoia.

"The Reapers" is the title of his first promotional single, a song that seems to be a mix between Judas Priest, Slayer and sepultura, but with Dale Thompson's high vocal range.

The name Perpetual Paranoia lends itself to the thought of ongoing fear. It has an implication of something never-ending, yet something to be cautious of, maybe even to avoid. Perhaps, it is something to run from. However, the name Perpetual Paranoia belongs to a musical entity that is the brainchild of two very distinct and unique talents in the metal world. Most definitely not something to run from, but something to take heed of!

In 2017 singer/songwriter, Dale Thompson, vocalist of iconic Christian metal band Bride - Band, No Other Gods, and The World Will Burn along with flash fingered guitarist/composer of Bay Area thrash band Hand of Fire, Tiago James de Souza met online. Thompson in New Zealand and Souza in California seems on the surface to be a pretty major obstacle to overcome. Yet, these two veteran metal musicians easily bridged the chasm of Pacific Ocean waters to begin composing a perfect blend of thrash, metal and hard rock in their respected countries. Both Thompson and Souza brought their ideas and talents together without ever meeting or rehearsing in the same room.

Perpetual Paranoia was formed out of a blueprint of raw energy, superbly crafted with enough heaviness and edge to cut through the mire of formulated corporate metal that has recently sprung up. Powerful lyrics and vocal acrobatics expertly supplied by Thompson coupled with tasteful, yet unnerving guitar perfection and song writing of Souza has fueled 12 songs of massive power, frantic passion and devastating aggression.

After 30 years of world tours, Thompson has exclusively gone into studio recordings. Souza is currently still touring as the sole ax-wielder for Hand of Fire. The physical distance between the two is most definitely a non-issue. The combination of their collective talents has birthed an original blend of heaviness that does not disappoint.

Now, signed to Rottweiler Records, Perpetual Paranoia is set to unleash caustic, hard hitting metal offering that will shake the hardest metal fan to their core. Ongoing fear? Be afraid. Be very afraid! . . .

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PerpetualParan1 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/perpetualparanoia/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PerpetualParanoia/

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