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Guardian and Whitecross create a historic moment to join.

Publishe on March 25th, 2017 | by Anthony Martinez

A historic moment in the history of Christian rock is what the members of Whitecross and Guardian are doing, after they have announced that some of its members have come together, something that has aroused the curiosity and interest of the Fans of both groups and important rock webzines.

While friendly rivals—and more importantly—longtime friends, the members of both Whitecross and Guardian frequently crossed paths on many worldwide tours.

 We always had mutual admiration and respect for each other so there was always a good vibe between us” states David Bach—bassist and founding member of Guardian. “We used to run into each other on the road everywhere…from Germany to Costa Rica. We always said “Hey…we should do something together!”

In 2017, that dream will become a reality as members of Guardian and Whitecross will join together for a rare album and tour that will feature the music of both bands in one amazing show.

I always liked the guys in Guardian and had actually played drums with them recently at a gig in Chicago” says longtime Whitecross drummer, Michael Feighan.

We continue to receive offers to play shows worldwide” continues Feighan, “but the guys in Whitecross who were always the most excited to still go out and play were myself and Rex Carroll—guitarist and founding member of Whitecross. “I called David Bach one day to see if Guardian was available to play a concert with Whitecross in Brazil. Dave told me that he and longtime Guardian vocalist Jamie Rowe were also the main guys in Guardian who were always ready to go out and play.”

Guardian vocalist Jamie Rowe recalls the conversation. “When Dave called me and told me about the possible Brazil show with Whitecross, I said to Dave, “If it’s always you, me, Rex, and Mike who want to go out and play…then maybe we should join forces and do an evening with Guardian & Whitecross. I think fans of both bands might really like seeing that!”

Adds guitarist Rex Carroll, “We were amazed by the incredibly positive response from the fans of both our bands. It’s going to be a blast for Mike and I to play both Guardian and Whitecross songs with Jamie and Dave. This will be an album and a show not to miss!

It is not the first time that prominent christian rock artists of different bands join, at the end of the 80s,  Phil Madeira, Randy Stonehill, Rick Cua, Phil Keaggy, Glenn Kaiser, Margaret Becker and Joe English formed the Compassion All-Star Band for a short time. In the 1990s, former members of Stryper, Whitecross and Sacred Fire formed King James, recently, former members of Petra and WhiteHeart formed "The Union of Sinners and Saints".

A Pledge Music campaign for this project launched March 21. For more details visit:
Find out more at whitecrossguardian.com or guardianwhitecross.com

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