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The album "It is Written" of Thee Final Chaptre will be re-released on its 25th anniversary

Published on October 4th, 2016 | by Anthony Martinez | PRESS RELEASE

THEE FINAL CHAPTRE got its start around 1989, when guitarist Gary Wilson was driven to put together a new, more intense and resolute group of musicians. The band laid its foundation performing a mix of covers and originals around area bars, eventually solidifying its lineup with David Osbourn on drums, Paul Starnes handling bass duties, and frontman Andrew "Tripp" Whittington.

THEE FINAL CHAPTRE forged an explosively diverse sound centered around hard-charging guitar riffs, a locked-in rhythm section, and Whittington's soaring vocal prowess. This ultimately landed the group a deal with WEI Records for the release of their lone six-song album, "It Is Written", in 1991.

However—despite capturing the interest of Polygram subsidiary Jaguar Records—due to limited touring opportunities, managerial mishaps, burgeoning creative differences, and the changing landscape of the metal scene, THEE FINAL CHAPTRE had fallen apart before the end of 1992... thus unable to capitalize on the true potential of their songwriting firepower.

But now, after 25 years, the music of THEE FINAL CHAPTRE will be released on CD for the first time through Divebomb Records. Sourced directly from the DAT master, the album has been digitally remastered alongside nine previously unreleased live bonus tracks; packaged with updated cover art by Steven Cobb, archival photographs straight from the band, and an all-new interview with founder Gary Wilson conducted by Olaf Becker.

The album will be released next October 14, you can pre-order on the website of Divebomb Records: www.divebombrecords.com


Photo by: David Osbourn

1. Day After Day 
2. The Key 
3. The Hallowed Hymn 
4. Come As You Are 
5. All For One 
6. Don’t Let It Run You Down (Thunder Trilogy, Part I)

7. Just A Memory (Demo) 
8. Blood In The Sand (Live) 
9. Insane (Live) 
10. Wisdom’s Call (Live) 
11. Whisper To Scream (Live) 
12. Edge Of Sadness (Live) 
13. Just A Memory (Live) 
14. Bullet In The Chamber (Live) 
15. Armageddon (Live) 
16. Black Rain (Live)

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