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Audiofeed Music Festival, Urbana Illinois | June 1-2-3, 2016


Published on August 18th, 2016 | by David CrossChild

Take me a little time can describe this Summer so spectacular that is close to go the end. Well, first, thanks to God for the opportunity to can be at the Festival this year Because I change my schedule at work and now my vacations will start after the Festival, but thanks to my new boss for change my vacations so I can attendant to Audio Feed, so, applause to my New Boss.

Well, How I can describe Audio Feed Music Festival, I said, right now is a very good alternative because is very similar to the missing Cornerstone Festival, for sure Audio Feed is more smaller than Cornerstone but the quality of the bands is the same. It's a big opportunity for the new bands in order to make some name and  feel what means to play in a audience bigger than their previous presentations, also because in this place are not kind of discriminations about how strong or how much commercial  or radical can be their music styles, so if your band is radical need to play at this Festival. Ups I forgot to tell you, the bands can play also in English or Spanish, same as was   at Cornerstone where Hispanics bands was accepted.

Friday July 1

Finally is Friday and I had to admit I stay at Hotel during the nights, once close to the Festival, but I don't feel any regrets because previous days was raining a lot. The Festival started Thursday June 30 and will be ending on Sunday 3 but was not until Saturday nights when the big rain came, something incredible I imagine that was a nightmare for the people that stay camping because the water and the mug was so much that can cover your ankles when you was walking around some places but anyway we pass a very good time.

This time I came with some friends that I meet at Cornerstone long time ago we register and will start walking thru the tents. We arrived Friday morning but in my case, I start seen some familiars faces at the music tables stores! Hey, when you assisted to those Festivals be prepared to find music that you even know that exists! Anyway right now I have in my hands the program for the festival, but I lie to you If I told you that I can remember every single band that played there, but, at least I will do a little story about the bands that impact my life, the bands that play so brutal and the bands that never I saw play before, also about this that I only see their names but never listening their music, anyway that I consider the very best of the Festival.

The very first think that surprise to me was see the band Leper play at the Family Zone, was acoustic but even that never lost their personality, originality and their dark side! Well, I still can't understand why they play next to the small children, well they will know why.

A example about a good band that I saw before at Audio Feed in 2015 and now I see it again is Sean Michel, I totally forget their name last year but now I will keep in mind, this band have a particular style and their look so radical, that  only can remember me the show Duck Dynasty or inclusive the band ZZ Top, because the lead singer have a very huge beard! But this don't take the big talent that this band have. Is a Mix between Rock and Blues and a spectacular choir that can captive all the audience that was there. Mr. Sean promise a new Cd on this year, I hope all of you will give the support to this band, check is web sites, I think this was  one of the best band that play at the Festival.

Sean Michel
Another band that take so much my attention was The Band In Black, a Johnny Cash Tribute band and between all the songs they played was Ring Of Fire and that song was singing by everyone and also the cover Personal Jesus, this song recorded by Johnny Cash but really belong to the band Depeche Mode record in 1989. The Band member in The Band In Black have One Bad Pig Member and the Lead singer Jason Birdwell this guy have a very good voice and very similar to Johnny Cash. 

The Band in Black
The set list was in this order: Folsom Prison Blues (E): Hear, a baby, rich, freed me I Been Everywhere (E): Reno, Boston, Louisville, Pittsburg Get Rhythm (F#): rock’n/taps, shoeshine, jumpy, listen/jump City Lights (E): Rolling, Smokestack, G D F#m G G F#m B7 A.. >Cry, Cry (E): Everybody, sugardaddys, lie awke, fickle love, Ring of Fire (G): burnin’, desire, taste, fell Lovesick, Growing Old (G): bored, new, protect, counten Hurt (Am): hurt/feel, needle/kill, crown/broken, stains/you are >Man in Black (Bb): wonder, poor, Jesus, lightnin, sick, right, rainbow You Just Can’t Beat Jesus Christ (E): born, crnk, sin Personal Jesus (E): cares, there, cares, to care I Was There When (E): some people, saved me, care/salvation >Jackson (C): married/mess, (f)go on, (m)breeze, (f)laugh, married >Love Made (C): tall dark/bride, looked @/public love, J&J, trials >Big River (F): I taught, accident, St. Louis, batter down, taught I Walk the Line (E): watch, true, night, way. 
But if you are interested in this band check this link: http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/thebandinblack.

The Big Surprise of this Festival, at least for me was Death Therapy, because when I saw the Lead Singer I was start thinking, hey I know this guy! but I never see this band before! and Pum!!! Yes was him!! Jason Wisdom former from Becoming The Archetype, so, new music same style I think, but was only 2 person yes 2 band members the drummer and him, I hope in the future will be more people on this band.
Death Therapy
One of the bands  that always like to see is the band Exegesis from Colombia, definitive the know how to take every opportunity that that God given to then. I meet those guys at Cornerstone Festival when they was invite by the Festival, they played in Spanish, first at Cornerstone and now here at AudioFeed, they are working on new material and will be no surprise to me if they will be the next Latin Stryper. They have a contagious style, Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, paining faces and overall charisma at the stage and that is essential for a band for to be successful. I can see a great future for Exegesis, I wish they will have much success with the new CD and I hope will be include at least 1 song in English in this way finally you be number 1 the North American Market.

I saw Broken Flesh! Death Metal band, I don't know why remember me the Old Mortifiaction on their very first CD's oh so much more music to be stress free Haha!

Deborah!! directly from Mexico, yep! the creators of Exodo Fest! we will find again each other! But this time I saw a small version of the band that I saw in Mexico, now the Lead Guitar was playing drums!! Wow this surprise to me a lot I didn't know he can play drums also but they did very well!! I love their style.

And literally I had to run from the Golgotha Stage to go the Asylum Stage to can see the band White Collar Sideshow, I always hear and read about it and saw the Pictures but never saw this live show! What a spectacular band! very radical, and overall a visual concert.  The show up a movie on the roof of the Tent until they was playing and everything was related to the show plus 2 of then was using masks, I refer to the guitar player the faceless woman that also was inside a metal cage and the drummer Leach because he was using a mask like Pig and the lead vocals TD Benton, he also was playing some kind of Giant drums and several other instruments and weird items. They really impact my life, I mean, I saw Gothics bands before, some weird but not doubt this is once of the most radical that I never saw before, if you have any chance to see this band live, trust me you will not regret.

Every knee Shall Bow
Well, after the show, was the turn of the Veteran band DAS sip, Dead Artist Syndrome, another of the favorites of the Gothic tent but in my humble opinion, they took  too much time on their presentation, because after them will be Grave Robber and well, I left the place or will be losing my ride to the Hotel.

Saturday July 2

We go inside the Arkansas Stage when we can hear the Preacher Preston Sprinkle, He presented a powerful message about the visit of Jesus Christ and Zacchaeus read Luke 19:1-10. We always read The Bible, and even we read the same page every time, we always find a different message, something that God want that you see that is for you, but you can't find until Him wants to show you! Anyway was a moment very special and yes we the metal heads not only going to the Rock Festival for mosh pit, we also listen and pay attention to the preacher!

And we left that stage just in time to see another of my favorites, Every knee Shall Bow. I still remember the very first time that I saw this band, was at Cornerstone Festival, on that time the band member was minors, I don't know maybe 13 year old on that time but they played as Professionals. Now they grow up and adults but still playing like that and very good quality on their music, check the songs on YouTube, you will like this band!

Another band with Make up and balloons and rare was Destroy Nate Allen, honestly I don't see too much this show but at the end I was need to ask the lead singer, Why you want to destroy Mr. Nate Allen? What he did to you? Who is Nate Allen? and he smile and said: is me! and well, now he did some stickers about that! Very good! I think I gave to him new ideas!
Destroy Nate Allen
I take a little break to eat something and then I was again at Randon Lounge to cure a little bit with The Blamed! my very first time I saw this band and was a surprise to me because I didn't now they will play if not I will bring my CD collection to be sign by the band. Another surprise was see the Lead Singer played already on another band with the name October Bird of Death before the presentation of Destroy Nate Allen Band. The Blamed played a lot of good stuff, songs like: Declaration Death, No Difference, Brezze, Weakenss, Just Because, Prove Your Excuse, For You, Feeding the Ignorant, Fight for Your Right and Best Friend. with this they keep a big audience, the Tent very full. If this was not enough! the drummer of this band, for me is some kind of Super Hero. Earlier this day he played with one band, then played with The Blamed, and then will be after that with another band a mean 3 bands same day? So please, when you will vote for the best Drummer of the Year 2016, please do for Mr. Jim Chaffin. Two months ago I saw him also played 2 times same night in Mexico in another Fest, first with Deliverance and 5 minutes later he was playing with Grave Robber in 2 full sets. Now at AudioFeed played with 3 bands same day plus he still playing with Deliverance and so many other bands at the same time like The Satire and also October Bird of Death, so this former The Crucified man I didn't know how he did but he deserve this recognition.

The Blamed
Back to Arkansas Stage to see for very first time Emery who recorded a PodCast in a acustic setlist before they will present more later their big presentation with all the instruments but in the meantime I try to check also the band Wolves at the Gate that was close in another tent but also I divide my time to see and enjoy the band Dark Valentine at Asylum Stage and Leper but also  I saw Death Requisite, all this madness running at all stages and trying to not loose anything of this Big Festival. I want add that  Dark Valentine former Wedding Party, has a style very similar to Rackets and Drapes, you know all the make up and their music but also Leper and his lead singer that you never can see his face because is cover with a black veil and he used during the entire Festival as always.

Dark Valentine and Me

Then the big moment, the bands that bring me this year to Audio Feed and I don't want to loose their show Emery Live at the Arkansas Stage at 9:40pm. This is a  little hint for the bands, and I will give you for free! if you are calling to play to a Festival like this, please remember share with the public, this kind of Festival  is done for us to meet new bands and if you think that your band is too much famous to  play here please don't come. All the band that play here share time with the fans, takes pictures and gave autographs but for my deception the guys of Emery stay all time apart. They even walk close to their own table where the merchandise was on sale, I mean, Please you guys quit long time ago and now you trying to come back , well gain the fans again. I was one of then that bring my entire Emery collection and, well, I only see the band in a distance.

One Bad Pig at 10:10 pm, so with pain in my soul I left the Emery Stage to see this band, OH God! What a show!! I refer to One Bad Pig!
Sound the intro and the lead singer Mr. Kosher came with a Mask and some kind of gun and shoot confetti to the audience and the music start. Take a Look to yourself with a mirror in his and, then Hey Punk! just to be exited the place! I think everybody know that song! then a new song Love YouTo Death, Gets your Hands Dirty, Sunday Skool Raw, and Judas Kiss, in this one somebody probably from the public played that song with then. Next song was a 77's cover the Lust, The Eyes & The Pride of Life. The Man In Black with Jason Birdwell the lead singer from The Band In Black a very good song, a Johnny Cash cover. Red, White or Blue (Colour Me), What does the Fool Say, on this one Mr. Kosher show up with a hat  like a Knomo, Isaiah 6, Red River, in this one he drop himself a red liquid that cover all his body, I Scream Sunday and the Ice Cream just show up!, yeah a big pool full of Ice Cream but the lead singer Jump on it at the end of the song. We continue with Smash The Guitar and obviously a couple of guitar suffer the consequences. and they end the show with some kind of baseball hats with fireworks but something I cant forget to be mention is that the new drummer is nothing else than Mr. Paul Roraback from Bloodgood and Grammatrain.
One Bad Pig
To close the night,Grave Robber! with a huge show and they play their best songs including Straight To Hell, I believe in Ghost, Paranormal Activity and many more. God I cant remember at what time we finished but was a great show!

Sunday July 3

One of the bands that I saw and I never knew was Dad Jokes, I can't remember the set list but in that moment their music called my attention because was Ska, yes still alive and also was another good band that played in a small tent next to the Merchandise place and they Rock!!!

Once of the person that always support this Festival is Mr. Glen Kaiser from Resurrection Band, this time with his own band playing the best Christian Blues ever.

And again I saw on same stage the band Sean Michael but this time with no Chorus that played the day before on the Arkansas Stage but his music sound great even on acoustic. This stage is the only under a roof, so I enjoy the show and run away from the rain at the same time.

The second presentation from  One Bad Pig was at the Asylum Stage and this time they sang Take A Look to Yourself, Hey Punk, Love you To Death from the new album with the same title, You're Pagan, Teenage Royalty, Man In Black, this song was recorded with Johnny Cash and now this part was taken by Mr. Jason Birdwell from the Johnny Cash Tribute, The Band In Black, OMG, Looney Tune and Sunday Skool Raw. Then a few words by Kosher the lead singer from the band and also a Pastor of the Church.

One Bad Pig and Mr. Jason Birdwell

I wish to remember the name of the entire roster, I have a lot of photos in my Facebook but I can't remember all, really all deserve to be mention but will be something impossible for me.

One bad Pig at Asylum Stage
But I can't leave this note without mention one of my favorites FlattFood 56! wow, this is a huge band, but in this time they was attire with some kind of Hillbillies clothes, jaja, very funny but with their very particular sound where is not guitar solos is a Gaita, yes I even don't know if a Spell correctly in English, anyway I think this guy need to have big lungs to can play this so faster and can to all this solos like a guitar. If you never saw this band or if never hear about it I invite to you to check the videos on YouTube or if you can see live, please don't missed, you will love it.

FlattFood 56 and Me

I will like to be July 2017 again in order to return to the Festival! this is a Great Festival!!!

David Sanchez (CrossChild)
FireCross Ministry, Inc.

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