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Tribute Concert to Barren Cross, will be held in Brazil

Published on July 12th, 2016 | by Anthony Martinez

Brazil | A community of Christian rockers called "Community of Golgotha" (Comunidad de Golgota) has organized a tribute concert to one of the most important bands of Christian metal history, Barren cross. The concert will be held next August 21 in the city of "Curitiba".

Golgotha ​​community has organized many Christian rock concerts with local and international bands, and has organized other tributes to bands like Stryper, Guardian and Whitecross.

Celso de Freyn
, lead singer of the bands Stauros & Maestah, has a high level voice, worthy of representing Mike Lee, and will be responsible for singing the songs of Barren Cross.

Other musicians also belong to local bands and have joined to make this tribute to Barren Cross

Tribute Members
Lead Vocals - Celso de Freyn (Stauros & Maestah)
Backings Vocals - Raquel Cordeiro (Khalisys)
Guitar - Pipe (Desertor e Power Praise)
Guitar - Nilton (Metapolis)
Bass - Fernando Frogel (Azorrague)
Drums - Ge Filho (Volição)
Keyboards - Léo Carvalho (7th Symphony)

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