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Rez Band - When The Love Comes Down 1985


Resurrection Band- Love Comes Down, from the Album Between Heaven 'N Hell 1985

Shortening their moniker even further to "REZ," the band took advantage of the fact that Capitol Records now handled Sparrow's distribution. While the lyrics on the album represent a strong Christian worldview, explicit references to God or Jesus were almost non-existent. 

The catchy "Love Comes Down" was chosen as the band's first single and the music video - featuring lots of dance choreography - was a far more polished effort and as a result, received far more airplay on MTV than "Crimes" ever did. There was some controversy concerning this particular song as the guitar riff is almost exactly the same as AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie." However, the band's most controversial decision was to eliminate the traditional altar call at the end of their concerts as a concession to playing more secular venues for the tour that supported this album, leading some to accuse the band of selling out their message for greater mainstream acceptance.

Anyway, this song and this video are true classics of Christian rock, one of the first videos of a Christian rock band to have rotation on MTV and to have acceptance in the mainstream.

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