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Top 10 albums of 2015

Published on december 29th, 2015 | by Anthony Martinez

Yes, I know that Iron Maiden released this year a new album, also Adele released her album 25 (it is beautiful), Slayer also released a new album this year (very bad), but as you know, this site is called "Classic Christian Rock ", and all the artists that we take into consideration, are directly or indirectly associated with that label, it's our specialty.

There was no many releases of albums by bands and artists of "classic Christian rock/metal", but of the few albums released this year, these are the ones we consider "the 10 best albums of 2015"

10 Bill Menchen - Blues Metal Trance
The legendary Bill Menchen,  known for his career since the 80s with bands like Redeemer, Final Axe, Titanic and more recently "The Seventh Power, released the instrumental album" Blues Metal Trance "on November 13, 2015 under the label Roxx Records. The album contains 15 songs, but not repetitive, despite being a great guitarist, Bill not only shred with his guitar, there are a variety of sounds in the composition of their songs.
The cover is something simple, but has a great musical quality from start to finish, this is an album that should be in your collection.


09 Carlsen Cromwell - The Lucky Side
Longtime friends, Les Carlsen (Bloodgood vocalist) and Don Cromwell (ex-Eddie Money/ex-Air Supply bassist) have finally teamed up to combine their extravagant talents to create the 70’s rock influenced, The Lucky Side! , big hooks, crisp production, and the trademark Les Carlson vocals are reminiscent of the best of 70’s era Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Eagles, and Steve Perry! For fans of quality AOR and 70’s rock!. Les Carlsen is one of the few vocalists of the '80s that has no solo albums, but this is the first time Les Carlsen has a musical project outside of Bloodgood. 
Four songs were written by Les back in the day,  Six tracks, including the title song "Lucky Side", were the result of collaboration between Les and Don, while "Crazy Kind of Life" features Les doing a great vocal on one of Don's songs. The album was released in May 2015.

08 GX Project - Raze Some Hell
"Raze some Hell" is the third album by GX Project, was launched on June 26, 2015. GX Project is a new musical project of vocalist and guitarist of X-sinner "Rex Scott" and "Glenn Thomas". Project Gx is not very unlike X-sinner, it is clear the influence of ACDC in the musical part, and the singing of "Rex Scott" is still very similar to Brian Johnson. This album has a great energy, grunts, and a great ability to Glenn Thomas in his guitar solos. If you are like me, and enjoy the Hard Rock with influences from the 80s, this album is a must hear the first song of the album "Raze some hell" is something that will catch you . "Wait For It Wait For It" is the last song of the album, you feel the same feeling that when listening to ACDC, unfortunately the song is very short.

07 Armageddon USA - Up in Flames
In 1989 a band called Armageddon surprised many with his album "The Money Mask", unfortunately this would be the only album the band and then disintegrate, suddenly they returned in 2015, and on July 4 released a new album called "Up in flames ", 26 years after their first album. The album cover is really bad, but do not judge a disc by its cover art, please forget the cover and listen to what's inside, this album is great, these guys sound better than on his first album, a great intensity, guitars clean, amazing songs. This December were chosen as the best heavy metal album of the year and best heavy metal song "Spinner" by THE AKADEMIA MUSIC AWARDS in Los Angeles, California.

06 Impellitteri - Venom
“Venom” is IMPELLITTERI’s tenth full length studio album and is a record filled with addictive and memorable riffs, guitar solos that feature Chris Impellitteri’s blistering shredding technique coupled with strong melody and taste. Rob Rock vocals are mesmerizing, melodic, and will make the listener sing along.
Venom is an album that highlights the ability of Chris on guitar, Chris is regarded as one of the fastest guitarists in the world, and if you are not sure that you can listen to this album and see the 4 videos released for this album. The album was released on  April 15 for Europe and April 21 in the United States.

05 Sweet & Lynch - Only To Rise
Two prominent musicians of Heavy Metal of the 80s joined in 2014, Michael Sweet of STRYPER and George Lynch of DOKKEN, along with bassist James Lomenzo (ex MEGADETH, WHITE LION, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer Brian Tichy (ex WHITESNAKE).
The result of all this amazing combination of musicians, was the band SWEET & LYNCH, released the album "ONLY TO RISE". The album was released on January 27, 2015 for N.A. and January 23rd in EU. ONLY TO RISE it has a great influence eighties with a melodic hard rock. This was perhaps the best combination of musicians on 2015.

04 P.O.D - The Awakening
The August 21, 2015, P.o.d. he released his album "The Awakening". Payable On Death has decided to launch a conceptual album this year, this is not as easy, but these guys have done it in the best way, The storyline is dramatic and somewhat compelling: A young man has lost his way, confronted with the truth and (spoiler alert) forgiveness. While the dialogue is sometimes delivered in a less-than-compelling manner, the story still works; but what make this album stand on its own and not fail as an artistic statement is the songwriting. Undoubtedly, this album will be regarded by many as one of the best albums of POD , the Intensity offered on this record is amazing, maybe you're like me and is not a fan of hardcore / hip-hop, but this band is an exception, its musical quality is amazing, the composition of their songs in this album is really extraordinary.

03 Worldview - The Chosen Few
Inevitably, fate brought Ochoa and Parra together following the tragic 2009 passing of mutual friend and Sacred Warrior keyboardist Rick Macias.  In order to honor their friend - and since Macias always encourage a musical collaboration between the two - Ochoa and Parra formed Worldview in 2013.  With drummer John Gonzales (Recon, Deliverance), bassist Todd Libby and keyboardist Ronson Webster rounding out its line up. The result was an incredible melodic progressive power metal album called "The Chosen Few" released on May 26, 2015. They also released the video of the song "Illusions of Love". Ray Parra remains an impressive vocalist. Despite being a band of veteran musicians with classical influences, this album also has a very modern sound, with influences from bands like Dream Theater and nighwish.

02 W.A.S.P. - Golgotha
WASP was one of the most controversial metal bands of the 80s.  But all this has been in the past, since 2009 things are different on W.A.S.P. Blackie was a born again Christian at age 11, but years later, he decided to move away from their faith, and became involved in occultism, the rest is history.
For many people can be amazing the new direction that Blackie Lawless has taken, give up their sins to be a born again Christian, reflecting their faith in the most recent WASP albums, Babylon(2009) & Golgotha(2015). "Golgotha" is a vigorous effort with a  guidance of the Holy Spirit giving his work more conscience and concentration, if "Eyes of My Maker" is no indication. Blackie Lawless is an altogether new man playing the same tricks, this time with huge conviction. "Golgotha" (not wholly a concept album) is no different in structure than any WASP album you've heard before, but its girth, maturity and newfound virtue puts it leaps ahead of the band's most recent outings. Even with the new faith of Blackie, Golgotha is a spectacular album and keeps the intensity on vocals and bass, killers riffs, characteristic of W.A.S.P. You can enjoy the W.A.S.P. intensity, but with a new direction in the lyrics of their songs. This is an album that you will enjoy from the moment you start listening "Scream" and you finish with the last song "Golgotha", you'll want to hear this album again and again. The album was released on October 2, 2015.

01 Stryper - Fallen
Fallen is the 11th studio album from Stryper. The album was released on september 30 for Japan and October 17 in the United States. "Fallen" is undoubtedly the heaviest album of Stryper, you imagine that this album would have been released in the 80s? I never thought they were to overcome the classic 1986 album "To Hell with the Devil," but they did it in 2013 with the album "No more hell to pay", and this year with  Fallen, surpassing "No more hell to pay" and "To Hell with the Devil".
Michael has kicked the ass all who doubted his vocal ability, and demonstrated to remain a stunning vocalist, reaching very high notes. Undoubtedly this is the best album that Stryper has launched, and one of the best albums of Christian metal of all time, has everything you want in a metal disc, piercing screams, great riffs of guitar, a sound of high level, a beautiful ballad, it can ask for more ?, this album is almost perfect.

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