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Impellitteri - Face the Enemy (From the latest album VENOM)


Here is the WORLD PREMIERE of the new video of Impelliteri "Face The Enemy", from the latest album "Venom"!

The song was recorded at NRG Recording Studios where Slash, Linkin Park and Lamb of God have recently recorded.

Chris Impellitteri states, “NRG had such an amazing vibe that allowed us to really capture the live power of our band. Drummer Jon Dette is such an animal on our new release “VENOM” out now via Frontier Music Srl! Bassist James Pulli has really matured into one of the greatest rock bassist I have had the pleasure to play with! Vocalist Rob Rock - The Voice of Melodic Metal still has to be one of the most underrated vocalists in the metal community! And me, oh Hell, I am still masturbating on my guitar 30 years later, Riffing and shredding and having the time of my life! ....I love playing Guitar!!!!

This video is still very similar to the two previous videos, Wiked Maiden and Venom, maybe the next video is different.

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