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"Absolute Power" First single of the CD "Severity" by "The World Will Burn", the new band of Dale Thompson


Two years have passed since the Bride group released their last studio album "Incorruptible", since then, Dale Thompson is married, makes paintings, lives in New Zealand and has a new band called "The World Will Burn"
My vocals are the heaviest I have ever recorded with slaughtered screams, heavy airy backgrounds and guttural intentions that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. Yeah I am very happy and positive that if you are a fan of "the heavy" you are going to dig this crunchy roll of slambastic groove and wonderstruck." - Says Dale Thompson.

THE WORLD WILL BURN is a unique worldwide collaboration between Dale Thompson and Alan Zaring.  Dale, who lives in New Zealand, and Alan, who lives in the United States,  have been working together remotely to create music that transcends culture, language, and genres.  THE WORLD WILL BURN is focused on emotion and passion instead of commercial pressure.  Their soon to be released CD promises to change the way you look at hard rock music.  New, fresh sounds combined with classic influences merged with thoughtful lyrics.  Power merged with grace.  Explosiveness married to innocence.  Rage fused with compassion.

Dale Thompson has over 20 studio releases to date, and is best known as front man for the well known band BRIDE.  His vocals are legendary and he is consistently considered one of the top singers in heavy music worldwide.  Dale takes his talents to new heights with THE WORLD WILL BURN.

Alan Zaring is a multi-instrumentalist who has been a part of numerous projects of all genres through the years.  He has focused his efforts into the music of his passion, heavy, hook-filled, guitar driven rock.  Alan plays or programs all of the instruments on the first album called Severity, which will be released at Christmas 2015.

Yesterday, November 10, 2015, was released "Absolute Power" a preview of the CD Severity. The image you see above is the album cover.

To listen to the new song visit the following link:

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