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Bill Menchen will be releasing his first solo album


Bill Menchen is Known for leading Christian rock bands like Final Axe, Titanic, Redeemer and more recently  The Seventh Power band with Robert Sweet of Stryper,  will be releasing his first solo album.

"Blues Metal Trance 1.5" will be the name of the album to be released on November 13, 2015 under the label Roxx Records. This album  will be released digitally everywhere at all of your favorite retail outlets worldwide. As well, there will be a strictly Limited Edition CD pressing of Blues Metal Trance 1.5. This pressing will be made available in an exclusive digipack format. The pressing will be released in a Limited Edition quantity of only 300 pieces, never to be pressed in this format again  It will be an all instrumental album entitled Blues Metal Trance 1.5 and it is set to feature tons of awesome guitar licks, melodies, ballads and rockers alike. The first 25 copies will be signed by Bill Menchen

In addition the first 100 special Deluxe Package pre orders will come with a free limited edition Bill Menchen guitar pick

Also for those that get in on the Deluxe Package pre order you are going to get a very special bonus disc!

This bonus disc will be a compilation or retrospect of ‘The Best of Bill Menchen’ which will highlight tracks from throughout his long career of putting out great quality Jesus Metal. That’s right the one and only way you can get this very special compilation is right here and right now and only for those first 100 Deluxe Package Pre-Orders!

Track Listing:
1 - Ball Peen Hammer 3:32 
2 - Concentric 4:15 
3 - Dual Overhead Cam 3:15 
4 - Fuel 3:06 
5 - Gearbox Grinding 3:31 
6 - Hot Patch 3:13 
7 - Hydraulic Pump 3:45 
8 - Ignition Module 3:12 
9 - Impact Gun 3:23 
10 - Jacks 3:18 
11 - Monkey Wrench 3:09 
12 - Nutz & Boltz 3:29 
13 - Pinion Shaft 3:33 
14 - Radiator Grill 3:12 
15 - Slo Wrenchen 3:30

This is the video of the song "concentric", one of the new songs that will come in the new album "Blues Metal Trance 1.5"

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