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The Simple Truth


The Simple Truth was a Christian Country-Rock band that toured the USA from 1972-1977. Most famous song "Ain't Jesus Good". Original bandmates were Dave Adams, Paul Land, Rick Passer, and Hal Waterhouse. Later band members were John Beasley, Stan Adell and Chad Watson.
The Simple Truth performs a pretty simple brand of Jesus music with a twangy country flair. Only here can you experience the country version of 'Trust And Obey' (well ok, John Fischer did it, too). Vocals, however, are pretty polished and tend toward gospelly harmony, one step above Tom Netherton. String arrangements overgloss some portions making the music not that simple after all. Bluegrassy version of 'Front Seat Back Seat'. When you get right down to it there's only one song on here that I truly dig, 'How Can I Love' - but oh what a tune it is, rife with phased guitars and melodic leads. Overall an MOR kinda thing with one special moment demanding your attention. (www.one-way.org)

Original Lineup  L to R: Hal Waterhouse, Dave Adams, Paul Land and Rick Passer.
Simple Truth had the opportunity to travel worldwide including this 1974 tour to Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) with John Ankerberg.

Ain't Jesus Come 1973
1-1 Time To Get Together 2:43
1-2 Jesus Is For You 2:20
1-3 I've Changed 1:59
1-4 Trust And Obey 2:35
1-5 Ain't Jesus Good 3:30
2-1 Front Seat Back Seat 2:30
2-2 How Can I Love 3:53
2-3 Amazing Grace 3:02
2-4 It's Free 2:12

2-5 There Is No Friend

Reasons 1975
01. Reasons
02. Walkin’ And Talkin’
03. Leave It There
04. Jesus Is For You
05. Letter To A Friend
06. Pharisee
07. Bubba’s Song
08. Sister’s Song
09. Joey’s Tune
10. Help Me, Lord

11. Mountain Testimony

Live in Des Moines 197?

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