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Stryper cancel the 3rd and final edition of the "Stryper fan weekend"

The 3rd and final edition of the Stryper fan weekend, has been canceled by the members of the group Stryper.  This news has caused much sadness to those closest fans to the band, and also for those who expected attend for the first time.

Through the official Facebook page of the group Stryper, the following statement was made:

Dear Stryper Fans/Friends,
It is with great sadness that we had to cancel the 3rd annual (and final) Stryper Fan Weekend. We all worked extremely hard to try to make this work and be the most exciting SFW of all. Unfortunately, we were just not able to pull it together due to lack of funds/sales and other road blocks along the way, therefore forcing us to cancel.
This was the last thing we wanted to do as we were all really looking forward to our time with each of you. That's what really matters to us and what we look forward to the most. For those of you who have already made plans and scheduled to come, we sincerely apologize and plan to make it up to you with a free M&G and ample time spent with us before the show plus you will be refunded for the cost of the package itself. We love you guys and appreciate you so much and we look forward to hopefully still seeing you at the HOB show on Saturday, September 12th. Also, 2016 will be an amazing year! God Bless you all and thank you for believing in us year after year..........
Michael, Robert, Tim & Oz

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