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Phil Keaggy and Paul McCartney 1991


1991: Here's the back story: Keaggy performed at Paul McCartney’s sister-in-law’s wedding. Keaggy had met Laura Eastman, sister of Linda McCartney, while the former worked at CBN. After the wedding, Keaggy fulfilled a lifelong dream by jamming with McCartney in a bedroom at the Eastman family estate, site of the wedding.

I met Paul McCartney at a wedding, and he said "You did a very nice job in the wedding, you have a very nice voice." He gave me a couple compliments and some advice. It was great to sit down and have about twenty minutes with one of my heroes and play guitar and sing together.

Plays in front of Paul McCartney at Laura McCartney's wedding (Two of You, Here and Now, What a Wonder, and I Love You Lord). Paul said Phil "did a fine job" and "you sound a lot like James Taylor". They had a brief acoustic jam after the wedding.

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