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Geoff Moore Announces a New Album


Few artists can say that they have had a career in music for nearly three decades, toured the world, and sold over 1.5 million records. Geoff Moore is one of these artists, since the release of his first album in 1984, Geoff has not stopped making music. This August, 31 years after having released their first album WHERE ARE THE OTHER NINE (1984), Geoff enters the studio to make a new album.

Geoff Says:  "It will be an album of songs that explore the things I love; about the thoughts on my mind, the people in my heart, and the God in whom I believe in. I could not be more excited to share this new project with you all. Thank you for following the story of me and my family throughout the years and thank you for partnering with me now as this journey continues.
My team has put together some amazing rewards packages to say thanks to those of you who choose to help me on this project. Head over to My Kickstarter Page to learn more."

More Info: http://geoffmoore.com

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