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The Envoys

Published on Decebmer 12th, 2014 | by Anthony Martinez
No matter how you slice it, the conclusion is inescapable: with regard to “Jesus rock” the British were there first. And not just a couple isolated bands – this was clearly a movement. The Envoys obviously had their ears in tune with the ’60s sounds of the Beatles, Hollies and all the rest. Kicking off with the chorus of “there’s nobody like Jesus”, this obscure single captures two of the best samplings of the whole gospel beat phenomenon, jangling along with a full-tilt high-energy electric sound. Male lead vocals, with female bgvs.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

THE ENVOYS Gospel beat group came into existence as a result of a sunday school party novelty item but in october 1963 was pushed into a last-minute spot at a church rally which launched the group into a continuing series of appearances at church-based rallies, coffee - bars, in prisons and remand homes and secular places of entertainment such as beat clubs, dance halls and cinemas.

Gwilyn Hitchcock - Lead Guitar
Geoff Shearn - Rythm guitar and lead vocal
Dave Taylor - Bass guitar and backing vocal
Alec Hitchcock - Drums
Jan Cutts and Rosemary Sutton - Backing Vocal

1965 - DOOR - 45 R.P.M
1. Door
2. Nobody Like Jesus

This picture is of the poster promoting the single.


1967 - The Envoys - 45 R.P.M

1 Love Like Jesus
2 Danger
3 Mister Mighty
4 Hallelujah

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