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Bride's Dale Thompson reunites with Stryper in New Zealand


Published on 12th, 2023 | by Anthony Martinez
Stryper played in New Zealand on Saturday March 11, and it was exciting when we saw Dale Thompson, the singer of Bride (and ten thousand other bands), show up to greet the guys from Stryper.

Bride and Stryper are two of the greatest Christian metal bands of all time, although Bride no longer plays shows, Dale and Troy continue to make Bride music, Stryper is still as big as it was in the 80s.

Dale Thompson has been living with his wife in New Zealand for several years now, so he didn't hesitate to visit his old friends from Stryper during their concert on Saturday in Auckland City.

Dale Thompson said: << We had a fantastic night with my ol' friends from southern California last night Stryper. They sounded absolutely fantastic, and the Kiwi crowd ate it up. The small venue was packed. and Michael commanded the crowd as one of the greatest front men that has ever graced a stage. Oz looked good, played superbly and we had time before the show to get caught up. Perry was spot on and for once the bass was mixed to where you could feel it. Robert destroyed behind the kick as one of the most outstanding time keepers ever.

It was wonderful meeting for the first time many Bride fans and some other friends to whom we met before. It brought a lot of joy and memories back. We do not go out to concerts often but I would not have missed that one for the world. >>

Oz Fox said: << We are graced with the presence of our long time friend Dale Thompson from Bride... New Zealand never looked better! >>

Dale and the Stryper guys probably haven't seen each other for more than 20 years, some don't know that he sang a few days with Stryper in 1993 when Michael left the band, there are some pictures of that epic moment.

Undoubtedly a wonderful meeting of great christian metal legends, we are glad to see them together.

Photos and Videos by Dale Thompson:

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