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Video Archive:Guardian Live / Honduras December 16, 1999. (PART1)

Published on january 29th, 2023 | by Anthony Martinez

In December 1999, Guardian toured Latin America, you may not know this, but in Spanish speaking countries, Guardian, Whitecross and Petra were the most famous and requested American Christian rock bands in Latin America.

Guardian recorded several albums in Spanish, but it wasn't until they released the album "Nunca Te Dire Adios" in 1994 which features classic songs from the band in Spanish version, this album was a hit throughout Latin America, playing not only on Christian radio, but also in the mainstream.

The band recalled in July 2021 through their facebook page, what it was like for them to know that they were having so much success in Latin America:

When we played our first show in Costa Rica, we had no idea that our first spanish record--Nunca Te Diré Adiós--was breaking throughout Latin America. We were used to playing 500-seaters in the states. When we pulled up to the venue, it was a 5000-seat hall. We thought maybe we were part of a bigger bill. We asked the promoter..."Whose headlining?"--he looked at us funny and said "Why you are...of course!" That night Jamie sang to the crowd in Spanish and 5000 people sang along. A moment we'll never forget... 

The video presented in this article, was from a concert performed on December 16, 1999 in Honduras, Central America, in a stadium in the capital of the country where around 5,000 people attended, this video was uploaded by Nahum Rodriguez who received a copy filmed by Jorge Ayala from Honduras.

According to Hermann Naira and other prominent musicians from that country like Hugo Duron from the band Tsidkenu, David Bach did not travel with Guardian and they brought another bass player who apparently did not know how to play the songs, so Tony Palacios told him the notes of the songs in front of the audience.

Hugo Duron says: that was one of the worst concerts I've ever been to, another bass player came who didn't know the songs, it was terrible, I was terribly disappointed.

Herman Naira who was Manager of several Christian rock bands in Honduras such as Soter, attended this concert and took some pictures that he has allowed us to show in this article, Hermann agrees with Hugo's comment. He remembers: I liked and not the presentation of Guardian, Tony Palacios was telling the notes to the bass player that they had brought.

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