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When you take me away to another place, I'll be with you forever living in your grace


Published on august 21th, 2022 | by Anthony Martinez

I have been experiencing some strong feelings over the past few weeks, compounded by the death of several artists I have admired for many years such as Michael Bloodgood, Ulysses Eyherabide (Rescate), Kaleb Luebchow and recently Ted Kirkpatrick of Tourniquet.

Other Christian artists who have died in recent years also come to mind, Carman, Kevin Whisler (Bloodgood), Kenny Marks, Matt Manners, Rick Elias, Hugo Lopez, Rick Foley (Bride), BJ Thomas, Alejandro Alonso, Rocco Marshall (Vision), Charlie Clark (Messiah Prophet), at least these are the ones I remember.

I think of all of them, in their faith, they were not only musicians, they were also parents, children, people with many dreams, with many difficulties, we all live difficult situations in our lives, we all sometimes suffer even if we are smiling in front of our family or friends.

For some reason God brought this song to me, someday from first Michael Sweet's solo album, it was always one of my favorite Michael's ballads, it has been some time since I listened to it, but it has become my companion on recent days.

The world is going through many difficulties, wars, diseases, depression, many resort to drugs, alcohol or other things that only bring more pain, Christians are not exempt from suffering in the face of everything that happens in this world full of pain. 

We know that in times of despair we can cling to God, He is our hope and protection.

Death can make us feel sad, no matter how much faith we have, we always feel sadness, but at the same time we firmly believe that God takes us to live in another place to be always living in his grace.

 All these musicians today are living in the grace of God, how many struggles did they live through? how many times did they cry for some situation that marked their lives? how many times did they feel they could not go on? that will not happen again, today their souls and their hearts are with our Lord, there is no more room for evil.

We must be brave in the face of our struggles, don't let our faith fade away, God is always there, even if we can't see him, he takes care of us.

We will someday be living in his grace with Ted Kirkpatrick, while Carman is singing and you meet Michael Bloodgood, we must all fight the good fight to be there with Jesus and all our brethren who have already gone before us.

No matter how hard the situation you are going through, just think that someday we will be reunited with God.

Someday I know my heart and soul
Will be free
From the pain they hold on to
I'm holdin' on to someday

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