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Jimmy Brown and Jim Chaffin, perform the song Lead Me On by Amy Grant

Published on march 18th, 2022 | by Anthony Martinez

I am sure that most of the metalheads reading this article are not very interested and familiar with Amy Grant's music, I understand that. Personally, I have always loved Amy's music, she has performed iconic songs for over four decades, being an artist openly recognized by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Amy's influence and importance in CCM, has made her somehow close to Christian rockers in several occasions, for example, her song Fat Baby was actually written by Rod Robison from the 70s band Selah, in 1985 she sang with Larry Norman in The Cause - Do Something Now, in 2010 she covered the song Turn, Turn, Turn! by The Byrds, and in the movie Electric Jesus there is an appearance of Amy.

Well, I have to say that in one way or another, Amy has had an influence on many Christian rockers and metalheads, believe it or not, I have proof of this that confirms my theory.

A few weeks ago, the singer of the Thrash Metal band Deliverance, Jimmy Brown, along with Deliverance and The Crucified drummer Jim Chaffin, have made their own version of the classic Amy Grant song, Lead Me On.

Jimmy said: One of my favorite songs by Amy Grant. It was a pleasure to cover this with the talented Jim Chaffin on drums and backing vox. 

Jim Chaffin said: I know, right? 

 Very proud of this. This song takes me back to my youth and the fire I had for the Lord. Even though I probably made fun of this when it came out. I was a turd then, haha But praise God He did not and will not give up on me! Or you too my brothers and sisters!

Thank you Jimmy for letting me be a part of this. Your trust in me is humbling.

Listen and watch the video below

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