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We have moved - We are launching a new site and URL

Published on january 31th, 2022 | by Anthony Martinez

We are announcing a new beginning for our website, renewing the design as well as the url address.

The year 2021 was not the best for us, many reasons, but the main one has been the block that facebook has made us, limiting the ability to share our url (www.classicchristianrockzine. com) within the social network.

It is not a secret, facebook is the most trafficked social network on the internet, a block like this, affects any company and digital magazine on the internet. 

Our attempts to solve this problem failed, we contacted the facebook help center four times, always getting a negative response, because according to them, our site violates the rules. This is a subjective decision, can you see anything within our site that is against facebook's policies?

Whether you are a new visitor or not, you will notice that all our content is related to rock music and Christian faith, we refrain from talking about political, cultural, ideological issues (except for our faith, but without attacking anyone), we are neutral on issues that usually cause controversy.

However, we could not convince the facebook help center, so we had to take a drastic decision, change the URL of our site, buy a new domain, this was difficult, since our domain we had bought in 2016, and now we had to leave it behind for a new one.

From now on, we are: www.classicchristianrockzine.net , we simply changed the .com for .net, this way we are again free to share our URL within all social networks.

Besides that, we changed the design of our site, well, several months ago we renewed it, but surely you didn't realize it.

Maybe you noticed that we have been very inactive, and it is for the reasons we have mentioned, now that we have a solution, we are working on new articles as we know how to do it.

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