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Rick Foley, longtime bassist for Bride, has passed away


Published on june 19th, 2021 | by Anthony Martínez

Rick Foley, longtime bassist for one of the world's greatest Christian metal bands, Bride, passed away at his home after a long battle with cancer. As a Bride fan, this is very sad news, Rick was part of Bride's most important moments. Unfortunately we have not been able to find out Rick's date of birth, please send us a message if you know Rick's date of birth.

Did you know Rick?, do you have a picture with him and the band in their best years? Feel free to share your thoughts and photos with us.
We will love you forever Rick, thank you for everything, rest in God, see you soon.

Reactions of the Thompson brothers

Troy Thompson: It is with great sadness that I tell you today about the passing of Rick Foley. His wife informed me that he passed peacefully in his sleep this morning at 6 AM. He had been battling cancer for some time. Rik was a big part of Bride in the early 90s. He played bass guitar on Kinetic Faith, Snake in the Playground and Scarecrow Messiah. He played hundreds of shows for hundreds of thousands of people and travelled the world with us. He will be missed and remembered.
Dale Thompson: It is with great sorrow and loss that Bride announces the passing of our dear friend Rick Foley who stalked our stages as our bassist for many years. He was a giant of a man physically and as a friend. Rick and the band toured the world together and with no doubt it was the most powerful Bride lineup to date. In many ways Rick made the band with his insight, talent, comic relief and true rock star presence. I have always said Rick did not become a rock star. He was born a rock star. I spoke to Jerry yesterday before Rick's passing and we both agreed that our dream was to get the four of us back together one day and give it one more go. That was a dream. I am sure God will allow us at least one show together when we all get there one day with Rick before His throne. Rick you are loved and missed.

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