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Legendary Christian rock singer in Argentina, Hugo Lopez, dies at 65

Published on may 13th, 2021 | by Anthony Martínez

A legend of Christian Rock in Latin America and Argentina, Mr. Hugo Lopez of the classic band Heart u Heart has gone home with our Lord. Hugo was sick for several days from Covid19, please pray for all his family, Hugo's wife, Marta Ramirez, also passed away a few days ago. This a very hard time for their sons, family and close friends. Keep them in your prayers.

   This is a very hard time for the family and close friends as they have lost three family members in a few days. In addition to Hugo Lopez, on April 15 he announced on his social networks that his eldest son had passed away, on April 27 Hugo's wife passed away due to Covid 19, that same day it was known that Hugo was also positive for this disease. 

   After his death, many artists in his country and in Latin America reacted with dismay as Hugo was still in good health. On April 17, he had announced a concert in his city which was cancelled due to health regulations imposed by the government to stop the Covid19 pandemic in his country.

   Rex Carroll of Whitecross also reacted to the death of Hugo Lopez.

   Hugo stood out as one of the main exponents of Christian rock in the early 90s in Argentina and many Spanish-speaking countries. Among his albums he covered bands such as Degarmo & Key, Mylon Lefevre. A few years ago, he also participated with other Argentine singers in the recording in Spanish of the song In The Kingdom by Whitecross.

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