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Classic Christian Rock launches new digital magazine to commemorate its 10-year anniversary

Published on may 3th, 2021 | PRESS RELEASE 

Hello everyone, we are very excited to show you after a long time a new edition of our magazine in digital format which is now available through https://classicchristianrockzine.publica.la/library

   If you don't know, we are celebrating 10 years of having started Classic Christian Rock Zine in social networks, so we celebrate it somehow by launching this edition at a really affordable price that will help us to continue launching more editions, be more constant and start new projects within Classic Christian Rock Zine.

   In the last months we have faced a problem with facebook as they have blocked the url of our website within facebook and instagram, we have communicated with them many times, but they tell us that we have violated the rules of the community, can you believe it? it is a problem that is taking us a long time to solve but I trust in God that we will make it.

   I hope you like this edition, it doesn't matter if you are a fan of the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, there are articles from artists from all the mentioned eras.
I want to thank Steve Perkins, Pastor Wildman and Shine for their support in CCR Zine and for this issue.
God bless you.

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