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Can't Hold Me Down, Zion's new song in over 30 years



Published on may 7th, 2021 | by Anthony Martínez

Zion was one of the first Christian metal bands formed in the early 80s, several years before bands like Stryper, Bloodgood or Barren Cross. 

Although it is one of the pioneer bands of Christian metal, it does not enjoy the same popularity of other bands that came later, perhaps because they only released one album in 1989, when the bands mentioned above and many more were already openly known in America and many countries. 

At the same time that the band was releasing their first and only album in 1989, their leader Rex Scott was also releasing his first album with X-Sinner, which became much more popular and somehow influenced the end of Zion.

However, over the years, the album Thunder from the Mountain became a classic and a beloved album for Christian metal fans. 

31 years later, Zion is back with a new single called "Thunder from the Mountain

A new album? 

Well, Rex Scott hasn't said if they will release a new album or just this single. In fact he hasn't said anything about it lol

Thunder from the Mountain was released on March 20 and is available on all digital platforms and on youtube, you can listen to it at the beginning of this article.

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